June 8th 2019

Morning Activities


Today at Riflery, the girls came on down to the range and shot some targets! The highest scores of the day were:
Amelie Pazona - 35, and a 38 which is the current high of the summer!
Mae Mae Deison - 33


Today at skiing, we had a couple first time skiers! Wilkes Dearman and Kenneth Nguyen got up for the first time.
We also had a first time kneeboarder today and it was Joe Garrett!


Today at the chlorinated lake aka the pool, the boys came on down and compete in a ping pong relay!
For first period, Carolyn and Will's team won.
For second period, Carolyn and Will's team won.
And for the third straight period, Carolyn and Will's team took the victory for the third period of the day.
For fourth period, Brady's team finally got a victory.

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games, the boys came down to the Camp Mac Country Club and had a ball. They stormed the course like Tiger Woods #campmacmasters.
The following guys made a hole-in-one:
John Morgan Longshore, Bruce, Finn Bussey, Sam Cunningham, Colin Haskins, Walker Long, Will Schuh, Alex Green, Jerry, Green, Alex Rogers, Doug Jones, Karan Mahbubani, Edmund Daniels, Colin Gentle, Tej Mahbubani, Bo Giordano, Noah Cargianis, Copeland McCullough, Kason Burkettm Adam Depiano, Mason Lark, Jay Delaney, Fred Carrington, and Lyle Shehi.

Nature Walk!

Today at Wilderness Skills, the girls hiked up to High Falls! They found a lot of crawfish and learned about different types of trees and plants found in the forrest along the way.

Team Sports

Today at AE and Erdman's Dojo for Sports, we had the boys come to the Camp Mac Gymnasium for some Bombardment.
For first period the MVPs were Lyle Shehi and Jay Delaney
For second period, the MVPs were Miles Cummings and Kee Graham
For third period, Sam Cunningham, Joe Garrett, and Richard Delaney
Finally, for fourth period, the MVPs were Thompson Daniels, Alex Rogers, and Jaxon Allen.

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast we had donuts and assorted fruit. For lunch, we had BBQ sandwiches with tater tots, as well as the option of a salad bar. And to end the day, we had pizza and wings!

League Games


Today in the Camp Mac Gymnasium, Sarah Parker's Sparklers defeated Virginia's Vibrant Vipers in a bombtastic game of bombardment. From the Vipers Blakely Lawler was striking, and from the Sparklers, Virginia Bell from the Sparklers was absolutely dazzling.

Down on the Camp Mac Soccer Pitch, the mud bowl occurred. Sarah and Lucy's Lucky Super Squad played an intense game of fútbol against Ella and Sophie's Extraordinary Sharks. After a close game and a rock off, the Lucky Super Squad came out victorious. From the Sharks, Lilly Christopher played like a young Alex Morgan, and Bryce Edmondson played incredibly from the squad.


Today on Court 1, Hudson's Hornets extinguished Robert's Rebellion in a great game of Newcomb. From the Hornets Richard Delaney played like the GOAT and from the Rebellion Kee Graham was the MVP.

On Court 2, the Tiny Yi's corralled Bibb's Bulls. The head cowboy from the Yi's was Bruce Downey, and Jaxon Allen played like a young Stuart Phelan.

Tonight for Night Rec..

Tacky Night!

All of the campers wore their tackiest outfits to Rec Hall!