June 7th 2019

Morning Activities


Today at Riflery, the boys came to the range and started shooting for their high scores!
The highest scores of the day were:
Collin Haskins - 29
Richard DeLaney - 27
Jay Delaney - 33, 33
Parker Yates - 30
Larson Chafin - 31


Today at skiing, we worked on getting up on a kneeboard and taking a lap around the lake. The following campers got up!

Cailey Hipsh, Lyla Wesson,Abby Homberger, Harper Draper, Raleigh Brewer, Claire Wright, Emma Kathlyn Powell, Blakely Lawler, Britt Harris, Marion Haskell,
Mary Ellen Badham, Addison Bell,
Lily Anderson, Rosie Stone, Ella Latiolais, Gracie McCord, Helen Khon, Helen Hinton,
Riley Jackson, Bryce Edmondson,
Anna Belle Brown, Kate Fitzpatrick,
Evie Noel, Scarlett Hale, Helena Pryor, Claire DeArman, Sa Sa Parrish, Katie Brown, Rylie Andrews, Evy Latiolais,
Annie Payne, Lauren Lee, Peyton Wesson, Hunter Wesson, Hunter Connolly, Amelie Pazona, Laura Blount, Mary Brook Wills, Katie Kinzig, Kathleen Wilkinson


Today at the chlorinated lake aka the pool, the girls came on down and we had a treading water competition. The winners from each period were:
Advanced Swimmers - Mae Mae Deison
Swimmers - Addison Bell
Stingrays - Anna Belle Brown
Dolphins - Katie Brown

Fun and Games

Today at Bennett and Fairbanks' Kitchen of Fun and Games, the girls came down to the Water Balloon Battlefield and they had a SOAKING good time! The winners were as follows:
1st period - the Water Balloon Warriors defeated the Bitty Bubbles.
2nd period - the Cowgirls defeated Beyonce.
3rd period - the Sparkling Unicorn Star Girls ironically defeated the Champions.
Finally, in 4th period - Ada's Unicorns defeated Fairbanks' Sparkle Team.

Arts & Crafts

Today at Arts & Crafts, we had the boys come down and we had an awesome time! We held the 71st annual Arts & Crafts Paper Airplane Bracket Battle Royal.

The winners were:
Homesteaders - Parker Yates with "The Stinger" and the Style Winner was Copeland McCullough with the "Shazam"
Mavericks - Colin Gentle with the "Colin" and the Style Winner was Will Schuh with "The Glider"
Whippersnappers - Sam Cunningham with "The Destroyer" and the Style Winner was Harrison Yates with "The Sharknado"
Moonshiners: Cameron Helton with "Take the L" and the Style Winner was James Mitchell with "The Rainbow"

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast we had blueberry muffins. For lunch, we had fried and grilled chicken sandwiches with assorted toppings, as well as the option of a salad bar. And finally, we ended the day with fried catfish and pizza sticks with fries and hushpuppies for dinner.

League Games


Today on Field one, Sarah Parker's Sparklers sparkled their way to victory against Ella and Sophie's Extraordinary Sharks. Scarlett Hale played swimmingly for the Sharks. Mae Mae Deison from the Sparklers played red hot.

On Field two, an intense game of kickball between Sarah's Super Squad and Virginia's Vibrant Vipers occurred. The Vipers took the win in a nail-biter. Helena Pryor played great, and Addison Bell killed it.


In the Camp Mac Gym, the Tiny Yi's got the Victory Royale by outlasting Robert's Rebellion. Jay Delaney played like a beast, and Gavin Tomlin was a rockstar.

On the Soccer Field, Hudson's Hornets broke Bibb's Bulls ankles in an intense game of soccer. From the Hornets, Willam Sims played swell. Kenneth Nguyen from the Bulls played like Messi.

Tonight for Night Rec..

Carnival Night

All of the campers in camp came down to the sports area to play carnival games. The campers had the opportunity to win several prizes including, throwing a pie in a counselors face, a ride to vespers, and even a horse!