Among the Pines. Since 1948.

Among the Pines. Since 1948.

Among the Pines. Since 1948.

Among the Pines. Since 1948.

Among the Pines. Since 1948.


Camp gives children a unique opportunity to explore their strength, to find their courage, and to reach out beyond their comfort zone in an environment that is wholesome, supportive, and surrounded by nature’s beauty. Here, your child has the opportunity to explore activities he or she simply cannot do at home, in a way that is instructive and encouraging. The resulting self-confidence you will see in them is an immeasurable benefit that will last a lifetime.

What to expect from camp

Off-road go karts Girl rock-climbing


We have developed unique programs that are fun and challenging and that offer a deeply unforgettable camp experience. Boys and girls have the same choices and opportunities. This unique structure provides an instructional program like that of an all-boys or all-girls camp, while allowing brothers and sisters to attend camp together.


Camp Mac is situated along the shores of two mountain lakes, 1,000 feet above sea level, and just inside the 217,000-acre Talladega National Forest. Here, nestled among the pines, are facilities more than adequate for the campers and staff members who make up each term. These include 16 wood-paneled, insulated cabins with an average of almost 70 square feet of living space per camper, facilities for all sorts of activities and learning opportunities, and a majestic natural setting that becomes forever stamped in the soul of each person who experiences it.

Our Camp Terms

At Camp Mac, we offer four types of terms: The Mini Term, lasting six days is designed to help our youngest campers get comfortable with being away from home, while getting a taste of the camp experience. The Junior Term offers a great introduction to the summer camp experience and lasts eleven days. The 3 and 4 Week Senior Terms provide advanced activity instruction which shepherds campers from beginning level through expert, as campers have the opportunity to have new adventures, overcome challenges, and find their courage. The longer terms give campers the time to learn more new skills, develop self-confidence, and make lifelong friendships!
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Mini Terms

1st thru
3rd grades
6day terms

Junior Terms

2nd thru
5th grades
11day terms

Senior Terms

3rd thru
8th grades
3week and
4week terms