June 4th 2021

Morning Activities


Here are today's top scores!!

Walker Snyder - 35
Wells Simmons - 28
Sammy Crumpton - 31
Ledge Searcy - 32
Maclin Smith shot a bullseye!!


Today at the sunny Camp Mac lakes, the girls had a BLAST tubing on the Big Mable!!


Today at the Pool, the girls came up and played some "Red Light, Green Light," and we had some winners from each period!

Advanced Swimmers - Hunter Conolly
Swimmers - Gracie McCord
Stingrays - Mary Lee Burkhalter
Dolphins - Anna Grace Brown

Team Sports

Up at the ole' Camp Mac Kickball Field, the guys brought their A-Game in some intense kickball games.

From the Swimmers, there was a tie between the Speedy Spongebobs and Need For Speed with 14 runs!
MVPs - Senna Shaffer and Gracie McCord

From the Stingrays, the Bodacious Hawks defeated the Dino Nuggets 7-0.
MVPs - Cat Brown and Blakely Lawler
The winners of Red Light, Green Light were Peyton Wesson and Maddie Brown.

For the Dolphins, the Alabama Aces beat the Mac & Cheese Sharks 10-9.
MVPs - Lyla Wesson and Abigale Rhodes
The winners of Red Light, Green Light were Anna Grace Brown and Annie Swanson.

Finally, for the Advanced Swimmers, the Black Widows defeated Pjneapples 6-1.
MVPs - Gigi Beale and Jacqueline Stubbs.

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games, the girls came over to the tennis court and played some games!

Advanced Swimmers:
Cricket in the Cage Winners - Jacqueline Stubbs, Jane Frances Waits, and Hendee Hayes Alias.
Skittles Winners -Jane Frances Waits, Ruby Madigan, and Cella Perullo.

Cricket in the Cage Winners - Annie Swanson (2x) and Jensen McClendon (2x)
Skittles Winners - Ibby Eggers, Annie Swanson, and Ryleigh Adams

Cricket in the Cage Winners - Britt Harris (2x)
Jump Game Winners - Blakely Lawler and Britt Harris

Cricket in the Cage Winners - Senna Shaffer (2x) and Kate Blakeney
Skittles Winners - Chloe Eggers and Kayleigh Blanchet



Today, the lovely ladies of G-1 came up to the tramp deck and jumped around and had a ball. The "Add-on" winners were Lyla and Peyton Wesson!

League Games

Today on the cool court 1, The Sharks tamed The Wild Ones. For The Wild Ones, Gracie McCord was out of control. For the Sharks, Essie McCloy played swimmingly.

On the bright green lovely court 2, the Camp Mac Diamonds dominated the Camp Mac Queens. For the Diamonds, Pierce Lawler played sharp. For the Queens, Elise Grijalva played like true royalty.

On the musty green field 1, the Dynamite Dinosaurs demolished the feisty ducks. For the dinosaurs Brook Livermore played like a velociraptor. On the ducks Peyton Wesson played like the biggest duck in the pond.

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast we had Pancakes with Sausage and Grits and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had Ham Sandwiches with the option of the Salad Bar. And to end the day, we had Hotdogs, Baked Beans, Chips, and S'mores!

Tonight for Night Rec..


The campers went out and collected wood for their fire and roasted hotdogs and s'mores out in the woods with their cabins!