June 3rd

Morning Activities


Today at Tennis, the boys played some games! Michael Mcloughlin won Hit the Basket, Hails Austin won Tennis 4 Square and Cricket in the Cage, and Crawford Badham and Jack Bright won Cricket in the Cage. Roland White hit the Pigeon in Hit the Basket, Carson Heck won Tennis 4 Square and Cricket in the Cage, and Ben Anderson won Cricket in the Cage. William Swift won Hit the Basket, Chase Beck won Tennis 4 Square and Cricket in the Cage. Worth Persons won Hit the Basket, and Jackson Nicks won Tennis 4 Square.


Today at Lower Lake, Joe Joe Mahfet got up on skis for the first time!


Today at Riflery. we had some high scores!

Morgan Horsley - 33
Caroline Snyder - 31
Meg Schoen - 31, 32

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had Camp Mac Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Grits, Biscuits, Juice, Milk, and Assorted Cereal. For lunch we had Chicken Sandwiches, PB&J, a Salad Bar, and Rice Krispy Treats for Dessert.

Electives & Cabin Time


Today at Putt-Putt, B-4 came down to the Camp Mac Country Club. They had an awesome time, with tons of hole-in-ones. John Morgan Longshore had an awesome time round with 6 hole-in-ones. Mac Otts had 3 hole-in-ones. Robert Baird, Roland White, Carson Heck, Lawton McCollum, Hasten Mahe, Joe Joe Mahfet, Tristan Cooper, Lyons Moore, and Ben Anderson each got a hole-in-one as well. They did a great job!

Water Balloon Battle

Today G-4 and G-3 came to the Water Balloon Battle. G-4 won the first game with 3 points, then G-3 came back in the second game with a win of 7 points. In the final game, G-3 won with a whopping 10 points! Clarkie Wilkinson was the MVP for G-3 and Vivi Frazier was awesome playing defense for G-4.

Tonight for Night Rec, We Got...


Tonight, instead of having supper in the Dining Hall, everyone cooked hotdogs, beans, and s'mores over campfires!

Happy Birthday, Max Ronning!

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