June 2nd

Morning Activities


Yesterday and today at Tennis, we played some games and learned the Tennis Dance!

Yesterday, the boys came down. Roland White won the Skittles game, Chase Beck won Upward Bounce Relay and Skittles, Jake Prati won downward Bounce Relay. Walker Flowers won Skittles and Racket Switch. Mac Brooks won Racket Switch. Charlie Walker won Upward Bonce Relay, Griffin Albright won Downward Bounce Relay, Skittles, and the Line Game. Jackson Nicks won Skittles.

For the girls, Frances Schoen won the Line Game, Sara Marcato won Skittles, Clarkie Wilkinson won the Upward and Downward Bounce Relays. Kendall Roberts and Katie Cobb Llewellyn won the Line Game. Anne Freeman won the Upward and Downward Bounce Relays. Kendall Roberts won Skittles 4 times! Anne Freeman, Lauren Allen, Izzy Boehm, and Lauren Allen won Racket Switch. Josephine Foley and Rhea Mostellar both won the Line Game twice! Rhea Mostellar won Skittles and Racket Switch, and Cricket in the Cage twice! Lulu Gribbin won the Line Game twice, and Claire Pollitt won the Upward and Downward Bounce Relays. Lulu Gribbin and Mackenzie Stephens won Cricket in the Cage!


Today at Riflery, we had lots of high scores!

John Morgan Longshore - 20
Roland White - 20
Robert Baird - 23
Hasten Mahe - 24
Joe Joe Mahfet - 29
Skyler Crane - 20
Charlie Walker - 35
Worth Persons - 22
Will Lewis - 25
Harrison Brown - 21
Sims Druhan - 22
McNeil Mostellar - 28
William Taylor - 25


Today at Lower Lake, Kendall Roberts and Caroline Snyder got up on skis for the first time!

Kendall also had the fastest time for putting on skis - 27 seconds!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games, we had the girls go to the trampolines. Everyone was hopping around and having a great time! First, we had G-3, and we played some high-flying games. Anna Rucker won the Rock Paper Scissors contest, and Mary Drue Cobb went the highest in the High Jump contest. Caroline Snyder won the Jump Rope contest with a time of 36.4 seconds! G-4 came over next and Vivian Frazier won the Rock Paper Scissors contest. Mary Newman won the High Jump Contest. The ladies of G-1 came up next and Frances Howard won the Jump Rope contest with a time of 27 seconds, while Ellie Mostellar outjumped everyone else in the High Jump contest. From G-2, Campbell Hipsh won the High Jump Contest, and Ellie Gribbin won the Jump Rope contest with the longest time of the day, 40 seconds!

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had Camp Mac Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Grits, Oatmeal, Biscuits, Juice, Milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had Taco Salad, PB&J, a Salad Bar, and Banana Pudding for dessert. For supper, we had Domino's Pizza and Hot Wings, PB&J, a Salad Bar, and Cookies for dessert.


Tonight, our choir was G-1 and Peyton Parra delivered our message.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Boys & Girls

Cabin Competitions!

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