June 26th 2019

Morning Activities

Lazy Day!

After a late night (9:35 PM) of fun at Drought Party, we enjoyed sleeping in for "Bonus" Lazy Day! Campers were spotted with bed-heads, PJs and 3-year shirts! We didn't run our usual morning program and our campers could choose how to spend their free time - swim, tramps, canteen, tetherball, beegee ball, movie (we showed The Greatest Showman and Moana), and many dedicated last year campers even chose to study for the Rappelling test!

Dining Hall

From the Dining Hall: 

This morning, we sat down and enjoyed Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, & toast) and assorted cereal.

For lunch, we had hotdogs and fries and rice krispie treats.

Finally for dinner, we ended this Lazy Day with chicken pot pie, chicken casserole, and peach cobbler!



Today at the Jackson M. Gross & George S. Phelan School for the Theory of Fishing, we covered the third pillar in the theory of fishing. Everyone showed their ability to not scare the fish, but the second pillar was missing, therefore the results were not shown. Vann Dawson-Flanagin caught a fish.

Mary Drue Cobb caught one fish!
Mary Fran Rigrish caught three fish!


Lily Brown passed off Expert Tramps!


Today the kiddos came down and did the climbing wall!

Spencer Marston & Barr Chavers both made it to the top of the wall
Also, Spencer Marston won both the climbing competition & the Button Game #WhoseGotTheButton?

Ava Gregory climbed 10 panels
Lily Close climbed 10 panels
Sadie Carrington made it to the top of the wall
EB Maultsby climbed 7 panels
Ellie Mostellar climbed 7 panels


Today we had a Closest to the Pin Competition.
1st place - Bella Spear
2nd place - Alice Kate Krawczyk
3rd place - Anna Rucker
Anna Rucker also got a hole-in-one on hole 18!

Shooting Sports

Angus James - 15 clays
Yates Holley - 11 clays
Charlie Magid - 12 clays
Rylan Wingo - 15 clays
Alex Taber - 18 clays
Connor Burnett - 15 clays

Emma Moose - 4 clays
Sophia Lanier - 4 clays
Claire Hillman - 2 clays
Kate Sokol - 2 clays
Parker Whittington - 5 clays
Sarah Inskeep - 1 clay
Sarah Kate Harris - 5 clays
Rylan Ross - 9 clays

League Games

Today on the mostly cloudy Camp Mac Court 1, Cayden's Grillz made a sizzlin' comeback against West Virginia's Mountain Mamas. From the Mamas, Maddie Roy played like a better Virginia Anderson.From the Grillz, Ava Gregory played like a better Adeline Sinkwich.

On Court 2, an amazing game of volleyball was played between Dophie's Dishwashers and Ponyo. After 3 super intense games, the Dishwashers were victorious. From Ponyo, Campbell Long played swimmingly, and from the Dishwashers, Claire Hillman played so fresh and clean.

Today on Field 1, MK's All the Ways took on Adeline's Super Saucy Sandwiches. From the All the Ways, Luci Miller played super amazing! From the Sandwiches, Ro Dawson-Flanagin played like a boss. The All the Ways took the dub in the end.

On the partly cloudy Field 2, the Rikard's Strikers and Sarah Parker's Peter Parkers had an intense throwdown. From the Strikers, Sophie Robbin's catches were straight fire. From the Hero Squad, Carlie Wise played like a young Tom Holland. After a mind-boggling extra inning, the Peter Parkers were able to save the day!

Today on the Fortnite Battle Field, Ada's Horses, took home a Victory Royale from Chloe's Macaroni. From the Horses, Emma Moose played like a 1965 Mustang. From the Macaroni, Sarah Kate Harris played like a homemade noodle.

6 O'clock News

Tonight we recognized our 5th year campers!!


Tonight our choir was Cabin G-Zero, and our speaker was Preston Kennedy.

Night Rec

JC Campfire!!!!