June 27th 2019

Morning Activities


Anne Chason Brock - 40
Clarkie Wilkinson - 34, 35, & passed off Marksmen
Stella Crane - 41
Ashley Costello - 39
Parker Whittington - 40
Mary Jack Gordon - 36, 38
Taylor Goodrich passed off Sharpshooter


Today at Upper Lake and the Chamber of Skiing, the guys came down and passed off some classes and had some fun!
Passing off 1st class Skiing:
Chris Price
Passing off 2nd class Skiing:
Baden Wallace
Zachary Carter
Passing off 3rd class Skiing:
Joe Joe Mahfet
First Time Skier!!
Hampton Long

For the Lower Lake Institution for Sluggish Masses of Water Vapor, we also had some guys pass off some classes.
Passing off Expert Ski!!
Sig James
Passing off 3rd class Kneeboarding:
Spencer Marstson
Passing off 2nd class Kneeboarding:
Graham Sims
Jake Magid
John Martin
Charlie Magid
Passing off 1st class Kneeboarding:
Web Bennett
Also, Barr Chavers crossed the wakes & did a 360 on the Flying Saucer!

Team Sports

Down at the Dojo for Sports, the boys played some soccer and ultimate frisbee.
In JV, Wakanda defeated Erdman's Attractive Hair 4-0 in an intense game of ultimate. The MVP was Alex Taber. Also, Tav Shaffer and McNeill Robinson won World Cup.
In Varsity, Erdman's Dad Bods beat AE Sports - It's In the Game 11-3 in a game of ultimate. The MVPs were Chris Price and Whitman Rikard.
And finally in Rookies, Erdman's Education defeated AE's Anteaters 2-0 in a nail biting game of soccer. The MVPs were Jake Magid and Joe Joe Mahfet. Our World Cup winners were Joe Joe Mahfet, Jake Magid, and Graham Sims.
The winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna is Jake Magid

Fun & Games

Today the guys played some Pingpong and Badminton!
1st period - Ping Pong King of the Court winner was Charlie Magid
2nd period - Ping Pong Round Robin Champ was Connor Burnett
3rd period - Ping Pong King of the Court winner was Crawford Badham
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta is Gray Bias!

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we enjoyed Camp Mac Breakfast and assorted cereal!

For Lunch, we had a camp favorite - Taco Salad and brownies!

And finally, we ended the day with pork chops, pinto beans, mac & cheese, and yeast rolls for dinner. Yellow cake with chocolate icing was served for dessert!



Today at Adventure, the boys came down and played some Balls of Glory! Barr Chavers won with a flawless victory by catching 8/8 balls thrown.


At the Jackson M. Gross & George S. Phelan School for the Theory of Fishing, we covered the 4th pillar of the theory - man your line. Vann Dawson-Flanagin and Hampton Long won the Man Your Line Competition. Jimmy White caught one fish.

Ellen Druhan caught one fish
Kate Kingsmill caught one catfish and one brim
Mary Drue Cobb caught one fish

Shooting Sports

Yates Holley - 16 clays
Rylan Wingo - 10 clays
Angus James - 18 cays
Charlie Magid - 11 clays
Alex Taber - 18 clays
Connor Burnett - 13 clays

Parker Whittington - 5 clays
Rylan Ross - 8 clays
Kate Sokol - 4 clays
Sarah Inskeep - 1 clay
Claire Hillman - 5 clays
Sarah Kate Harris - 6 clays
Emma Moose - 5 clays
Sophia Lanier - 2 clays

League Games

Today on the sizzling Court 1, Bechdach's Bechdads grounded Preston's Pistachios in a heated game of Newcomb. From the Bechdad's, Mack Marston played like Bechdad's Bechson. From the Pistachios, Marshall Cummings played like a salted pistachio.

On Field 1, Joe's Toes stepped on Robert's Boberts in a game of softball. For the Toes, Whitman Rikard played like a young Sara Beth Rikard. For the Boberts, Cooper Kennedy played like a young Preston Kennedy.

Today on Field 2, Will Kell to the Third Power killed Slade's Slippery Salamanders in a deadly game of softball. From the Will Kell's, JD Lewis played like a young Elizabeth Kell's brother, and McNeill Robinson turned on beastmode for the Salamanders.

On the Fortnite Battlefield, the Cutie Pies defeated the Mason Jars. For the Cutie Pies, Benji Sokol played like a young John Wick, and Andrew Wallace played superb for the Mason Jars.

6 O'clock News

Tonight we recognized our 4th year campers!!


Tonight our choir was Cabin G-1, and we had another Throwback Thursday given by Carolyn Cowper. This Throwback Thursday message was from the 60s!

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Rec Hall!

Junior Cabins

The boys went to the pool and the girls played bombardment!