June 25th 2019

Morning Activities


Passing off Pro Marksmen:
Eden Hubbard
Carlie Wise
Bella Spear
Ashiana Sapkota

Passing off Marksmen:
Anne Roberds
Ivey Marston
Anne Chason Brock - 44, 41, 35, 36, & passed off Marksmen 1st Class
Madison Yi - 39, 37
Julia Weidmer - 38
Ava Gregory - 37
Mary Jack Gordon - 41
Nancy Laughbaum - 39
Kate Moreland - 40
Alyssa Burleson - 40
Taylor Goodrich - 37, 38
Emma Moose - 37, 38


Today at Upper Lake and the Sorcerer's Ski, we had the guys pass off some classes.

Passing off 2nd class Kneeboard:
Brandon Huff

Passing off 3rd class Kneeboard:
Vann Dawson-Flanagin

Passing off 3rd class Skiing:
Crawford Badham

And Gray Bias got up on skis for the first time and passed 3rd class skiing!!

Team Sports

Today at the Dojo, the boys came down for some softball.
Rookies and JV did some drills and worked on some skills!
For the Varsity, AE Sports, It's In the Game fell to Erdman's Dad Bod in a one inning game of softball.
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Kade Hudson!


Down at the Blue Lagoon, the guys came down and learned different strokes and played some games.
Rat Rabbit Raccoon Winners!!
Rookies - Jack Bright
JV - Andrew Wallace
Varsity - Yates Holley

Dining Hall

From the Dining Hall: 

Today we started the morning with Cinnamon Rolls and assorted cereals.

For lunch, we had Hamburgers and fries with the option of a salad bar.

And we ended the night with Beef Stroganoff.



Jimmy White caught 3 fish
Max Montgomery caught 2 fish
Web Bennett caught 1 fish
Jake Magid caught 2 fish

Vivi Frazier caught 1 fish & 1 turtle
Reese Magid caught 1 fish


Wallace Vaughn and Mack Pinel both passed off 1st class

Hadley Harris passed off 1st class

Shooting Sports

Yates Holley - 15 clays
Rylan Wingo - 10 clays
Angus James - 14 clays
Charlie Magid - 13 clays
Alex Taber - 14 clays
Connor Burnett - 13 clays

Rylan Ross - 6 clays
Sarah Kate Harris - 6 clays
Kate Sokol - 1 clay
Parker Whittington - 6 clays
Sophia Lanier - 1 clay
Emma Moose - 5 clays
Claire Hillman - 2 clays

League Games

Today on the slightly smaller than Court 2, Court 1, Becdach's Becdads gave Hudson's Cutie Pies a five minute timeout. From the Becdach's, Joe Joe Mahfet played like Mojo Jojo, and Gibson Bradley played like a young Bibb Albright.

On Court 2, Scott's MasonJars defeated Preston's Paynes in a grueling game of newcomb. From the Mason Jars, Jake Magid played like a more athletic Charlie Reep. From Preston's Paynes, Basil Zafaris played "guuuuuuuuud"

Today on the first Camp Mac softball field, Will Kell To the Third Power was stepped on by Joe's Toes. Austin Butler played great for the Toes, and JD Lewis played awesome for the Will Kells.

On the soccer field, the Slippery Salamanders secured the bag against Robert's Boberts in Ultimate Frisbee. From the Boberts, Yates Holley played like a Hollywood superstar, and from the Salamanders, Dakota Longshore played like a young Will Erdman.

6 O'clock News

We handed out our second round of three year shirts! Tonight, we recognized our 7th year campers.


Tonight, our choir was Lake Cabin, and our speaker was Will Kell.

Night Rec