June 24th 2019

Morning Activities


Brock Wallace passed off Pro Marksman
Zachary Carter passed off Pro Marksman
Rylan Wingo passed off Pro Marksman
Alex Taber passed off Pro Marksman
Baden Wallace passed off Marksman 1st Class
Spencer Marston passed off Pro Marksman and shot a 39
Barr Chavers passed off Pro Marksman
Chris Price shot a 41
Andrew Wallace shot a 42
Cooper Kennedy shot a 39


Passing off 3rd class Wakeboard:
Mary Jack Gordon
Stella Crane
Sara Marcato
Passing off 2nd class Wakeboard:
Mary Jack Gordon
Mary Eason Robinson

Team Sports

Today at the Dojo, the girls came down and played softball and kickball!
In the first two periods, the girls worked hard on improving their skills
In third period, AE's Sunscreen (Cuz We Block Out All the Haters) and Erdman's Eyebrows tied 6-6 in an intense game of kickball. The MVPs were Luci Miller and Alice Kate Krawczyk.

Fun & Games

Today the girls came down to the Obstacle Course and the Gameroom! The classes split up into teams and competed for best time.
1st period - Bennett's Bennetts beat Too Busy to Hate and the fastest time was Caroline Peebles with 17 seconds
2nd period - Smack *hand clap* beat Whack *hand clap* and the fasted time was Mary Jack Gordon with 13 seconds
3rd period - The Fair Fair Bank Banks beat Bennett's Benadrylls, and the Camp Macky Packy beat the Girl Squad. The fastest time of the period was Mary Drue Cobb with 14 seconds.


Today at the Blue Lagoon, the girls played Rat Rabbit Raccoon. They learned to freestyle in preparation for that Camp Mac Mile.
The winners of Rat Rabbit Raccoon were:
Rookies - Alice Kate Krawczyk
JV - Sadie Carrington
Varsity - Elizabeth Kell

From the Dining Hall: 

We sat down this morning to some good ole Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, & toast) and assorted cereal. For lunch, we enjoyed Hamburgers and fries with the option of a salad bar. And finally, we ended the day with Chicken Alfredo! Yum!



Today at Boys Adventure, we played some Ultimate Kayaking. After an intense battle, the Team defeated de Spenceronis.

Shooting Sports

Sarah Kate Harris - 4 clays
Sophia Lanier - 4 clays
Kate Sokol - 1 clay
Claire Hillman - 5 clays
Emma Moose - 4 clays
Parker Whittington - 4 clays
Sarah Inskeep - 3 clays
Rylan Ross - 4 clays
Carlie Wise - 2 clays

Yates Holley - 18 clays
Angus James - 16 clays
Rylan Wingo - 7 clays
Connor Burnett - 6 clays
Charlie Magid - 12 clays
Alex Taber - 13 clays


Ivey Marston caught one fish
Ellen Druham caught one fish
Mary Drue Cobb caught one fish
Scarlett Ward caught a turtle

Jimmy White caught one shell cracker and a bass

Cabin Time

With the big Rappelling Test coming up, the last year campers have their noses in their books studying hard to pass!

League Games

Today on the shady tennis court, Adeline's Super Saucy Sandwiches sauced Sarah Parker's Peter Parkers. From the Sandwiches, Reese Magid played like a young Caroline Christie. From the Peter Parkers, Archer Adams played like a boss.

Today on the damp Court 2, Dophie's Dishwashers and Chloe's Macaronis played an intense game of volleyball. On the Dishwashers, Sutton Dodd played like a freshly cleaned dish, and EB Maultsby played like some saucy pasta for the Macaronis. In the end, the Dishwashers made another clean sweep.

Ada's Horses took a dub served with a side of hay fresh off Cayden's Grillz on the damp Court 1. From Ada's Horses, Kate Wallace played like a wild long-haired horse. From the Grillz, Rosemary Gross played like a freshly cooked steak.

Today on the slightly wet Fortnite arena, Ponyo took on the West Virginia's Mountain Mamas. Ponyo came out with the Victory Royale. From the Mountain Mamas, Charlotte Robbins played stellar, an Ashley Costello played amazing for Ponyo.

On the wax coated floors also known as the Gym, the Rikard Strikers defeated MK's All the Ways. From the Strikers, Sadie Carrington played like a more athletic Walker Carrington. For the All the Ways, Ivey Marston played like a more athletic Reiny Marston.

6 O'clock News

Tonight, we handed out our first round of three year shirts! We started with our eighth and seventh year campers.


Tonight our choir was cabin G-4, and our speaker was Kate Kingsmill from cabin G-Zero.

Night Rec

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had College Night!

Senior Cabins

The Senior boys went to the Pool to practice for the Swim Meet.
The Senior girls were down at the courts.