June 21st 2019

Morning Activities


Today at Lil Bae Bae's Crib for Young Men aka Rifelry, we had Shot in the Dark Day!
In the Dudes, the White team won with 31
In the Wranglers, the Red team won with 41
And in the Rough Riders, the White team won with 39.
Along with Shot in the Dark Day, we also had some guys pass off some classes and get some high scores!
Gray Bias - 41
Cooper Kennedy - 41
Chris Price - 40.


Down at the glorious man-made Camp Mac lakes, the girls pulled up and had a blast passing off some classes!
Passing off 3rd class kneeboard:
Auden Rainer
Mary Emily Frazer
Hayden Wiard
Passing off 2nd class kneeboard:
Margaret Adkins
Sadie Carrington
Reese FArrell
Passing off 3rd class skiing:
Madison Fedler
Passing off 3rd class wakeboard:
EB Maultsby
Passing off 2nd class wakeboard:
Ro Dawson-Flanagin
Lily Brown
Passing off 1st class wakeboard:
Madison Yi
First Time Skier!!
Anna Brown

Team Sports

Team Sports
Today the girls came down and played some Newcomb and some Volleyball! MVPs from each period were:
1st period - Rhea Mostellar
2nd period - Kate Wallace
3rd period - Mary Emily Frazer
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna is Emma Moose!

Dining Hall

This morning we started off with some good ole Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit) and assorted cereals. 

For lunch, we had Sloppy Joes with curly fries, with the option of a salad bar.

And for dinner, the campers camped out in the woods and cooked hotdogs, beans, chips, and made s'mores! 


Shooting Sports

Today at the sport of shooting, we had people shoot their shot. Cooper Kennedy came in hot with 19!
Chris Snow - 8 clays
Dakota Longshore - 10 clays
Ben Arnold - 7 clays
Austin Butler - 16 clays
Cooper Kennedy - 19 clays

Today the girls began the annual Camp Mac Trap Shooting Competition and seeded our contestants!
Kate Wheeler- 13 clays
Ashley Costello - 11 clays
Kate Wallace - 11 clays
Julia Ronning - 9 clays
Elizabeth Kell - 5 clays
Nancy Laughbaum - 4 clays
Ava Gregory - 2 clays
Stella Crane - 2 clays


Eleanor Finkle passed off 2nd class
Grace Mahfet passed off 3rd, 2nd, and 1st class

League Games

Today on the very hot Court 1, Ada's Horses and West Virginia's Mountain Mommas battled it out. The Mountain Mommas came out on top and put the Horses in the back! From the Mommas, Charolette Robbins played like a North American Long Leaf Pinecone! From Ada's Horses, Sophia Lanier played like a 1965 Mustang.

Today on the hot and sweaty Court 2, Ponyo defeated Chloe's Macaroni in an intense game of volleyball. From the Macaronis, Sarah Kate Harris played like Velveta Mac & Cheese. From Ponyo, Rylan Ross played like a Nemo that knows its way.

On Field 1, MK's All the Ways took the victory all the way against Sarah Parker's Peter Parkers. Ellie Mostellar played stellar for the All the Ways, and Hayden Wiard played like a young Tom Holland for the Peter Parkers.

On the bug infested soccer field, Adeline's Super Saucy Sandwiches sauced the Rikard's Strikers in a hot game of soccer. From the Strikers, Eden Hubbard played like a young Sophie Dishman. On the Sandwiches, Vivi Frazier played like a better Aba Frazier.

On the new Fortnite area, Dophie's Dishwashers and Cayden's Grillz battled it out in an action packed game. From the Dishwashers, Claire Hillman got all of the kills, and from the Grillz, Mattie Bingham was amazing! In the end, the Dishwashers got the Victory Royale!

Night Rec