June 21st 2018

Morning Activities


Bullseye Bonanza Day!
Each period, the three riflery teams competed against each other. Every time someone shot a bullseye, it counted as one point for their team!
Rhea Mostellar- 34, 34, & passed off pro marksman.
Ellie Mostellar- 41 & passed off pro marksman.
The White Team won!

Taylor Goodrich- 34, 36, & passed off marksman 1st class.
Peyton Frazer- 30, 34, & passed off pro marksman.
Mattie Bingham- 31, 33, & 36.
Katie Brown- 35 & 35.
The Red Team won!

Caroline Calhoun- 33 & 35.
Nancy Laughbaum- 30 & 40.
Emma Moose- 37 & 39.
Chloe Shaffer- 34 (sitting).
Emma Gregory- 37.
Julia Wiedmer- 31.
Mary Jack Gordon- 39.
The White Team won!

Rough Riders:
Virginia Anderson- 36 7 37.
M.K. Moore- 36 & 43.
Mary Katherine Martin- 30 & 36.
Elizabeth Kell- 41 & passed off pro marksman.
Emily Brewer- 40 & 45.
Katie Fish- 31 & 40 (sitting).
Olivia Tucker- 34 & 37 (sitting).
Brabee Pirnie- 41.
Sophie Dishman- 39.
Brooke Oakley- 35.
Sarah Beth Rikard- 33 (kneeling).
Ally Richards- 36 & passed off pro marksman.
Lilla Walker- 37 & passed off marksman 1st class.
The Blue Team won!


Upper Lake:
Chris Price passed off 2nd class kneeboarding.
Jack Miller passed off 3rd & 2nd class wake-boarding.
Cooper Wyatt passed off 1st class skiing.
Jackson Pipkin passed off 1st class wake-boarding.
Collin Mastaw passed off 2nd class wake-boarding.
Griffin Albright passed off 2nd class kneeboarding.
Yates Holley passed off Expert kneeboarding.

Wilderness Skills

The girls had Fire Day!

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had Camp Mac Breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese grits, and toast), fresh fruit, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had chicken sandwiches, potato chips, PB&J, a salad bar, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. For dinner, we had Pot roast, whole potatoes, sliced carrots, green beans, and yeast rolls. A salad bar, PB&J, and butterscotch squares were also available.

Afternoon Activities



Wet 'n' Wild

League Games

On Court 1, Slade’s Savage Slayers beat Cary Me to Victory in an intense game of Newcomb. From the Slayers, McGregor Tuten played like a beast. From Carey’s team, Sims Druhan played well.

On Field 1, Will Kell’s Will Kells served Campbell’s Soup in a one-sided game of softball. From the Will Kells, Brandon Huff had a solid hit. From the Soup, Will Harris played as if he was trying to save a cat that was stuck in a tree.

On Field 2, Hayes’ Hotties beat Jackson’s Cutie-pies in an intense game of softball. Will Beringer played like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day; and from the Cutie-pies, Hudson Tucker played swell.

In the Gym, the Cheaha Gators took the dub against the Cavemen. From the Gators, Henry Sullivan played like a crazy old man; and from the Cavemen, Jake Magid played like he had superpowers.

Cabin Time

While the boys were at League Games, the girls had Cabin Time!

G-4 went to the Iceberg.
G-3 went to the Obstacle Course.
G-2 & G-1 faced off at the Beanbag Battlefield.
Oakridge went to the Blob.
G-0 went to the Wet Willie.
Lake Cabin had Rapelling.

6 O'clock News

Our Campers that have been coming for 5 years received their 3yr shirts tonight.

Will Adkins
Spencer Anstead-Jaacks
Ben Arnold
Patrick Bingham
Zach Cater
Will Fiedler
Will Harris
Robert Huffaker
Charlie Kane
JD Lewis
Cooper Long
Wyatt Long
John Martin
Logan Mastaw
Baden Wallace

Margret Adkins
Suzanne Anstead-Jaacks
Ann Chason Brock
Ashley Costello
Reagan Costello
Emily Page Counts
Sarah Davis
Sutton Dodd
Katie Fish
Kendall Gilreath
Mary Virginia Huffaker
Margaret Krawczyk
Nancy Laughbaum
Grace Mahfet
EB Maultsby
Emma Moose
Kate Moreland
Charlotte Robbins
Maddy Smith
Evie Tuten
Lilla Walker
Kate Wheeler


Tonight our speaker was Jenna Snow, and our choir was Lake Cabin.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

JC Campfire

The Junior Counselors hosted our first Campfire of the term. The theme was "The Greatest Showman!"

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