June 18th 2022

Morning Activities


Today at Swimming, the Rookies, JV, and Hotshots competed in the Treading Water and Stride Jump Competitions. From the Rookies, Charlie Cox won the Stride Jump Competition and Rob Lee won the Treading Water Contest. From JV, Rafa Johnson won the Treading Water Contest. For Hotshots, Sam Taylor won the Treading Water Contest and Eli Sweeney, Sam Taylor, and P_ierson Kirk won the Stride Jump Competition. Varsity did the Australian Relay Race and “Team Benji Got The Dub, No Question” defeated Chips and Sarah.

Wilderness Skills

Today at Wilderness Skills, the girls came down and made some First Aid Skits. From the Drovers, The Snake-i-natorsn had the best skit. For the Wranglers, The Fabulous Fainters won. For the Rough Riders, Corbin’s group had the funniest skit. For the Dudes, The Bites had the best skit.


Today at Riflery, the girls came down and shot spectacularly. Lilly Grace Longshore shot a 31, Anna Harrison McGehee shot a 33, Auden Rainer shot a 31, Mara Keen shot a 38, Kate Fitzpatrick shot a 31, Vivian Fraizer shot a 27, Clarkie Wilkinson shot a 38, and Amelie Pazona shot a 29.

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games we played Sprouts with the boys. The winner of the “ratta-tatta-ratta-tatta win a big ole cowboy hatta” was Eli Bowen!

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports, the JV boys came down and battled it out in an intense game of Volleyball. Charlie’s Slay Squad came out on top against Fiedler’s Farmers and the MVPs were Rafa Johnson and Conner Pilger. The Hotshots played a little game of Newcomb. Boone’s Ramen Noodles lost to the Wenagaid Waiders and the MVPs were Colin Gentle and Levi McClendon. Varsity came down for a killer game of Volleyball. Ian’s Iguanas lost to JImmy’s Jolly Good Fellows and the MVPs were Mack Pinel and Benji Sokol. We played some more Newcomb with the Rookies. The Babies lost to the Zoom Zooms and the MVP was Henri Schoenvogel. Today’s winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Rafa Johnson!


Today at Upper Lake, we had some boys pass off some classes. Connor Pilger passed off 3rd Class Wakeboarding, Murray Seifert passed off 3rd Class Skiing, Robert Strange passed off 3rd Class Skiing, Hudson Brogan passed off 3rd Class Kneeboarding, and Pierson Kirk passed off 3rd Class Kneeboarding.

Today at Lower Lake, we hd some boys pass off some classes and get up on skis for the first time. Basil Zafiris passed off 2nd Class Skiing, Henry LeDoux passed off 3rd Class Skiing, and Mack Marston got up on skis for the first time and passed off 3rd Class Skiing.

League Games

Today on the Sunny Court 1, Jimmy’s Jocks defeated Colin’s Comets in an intense game of Newcomb. From the Jocks, Declan McTear played like a young JD Lewis and from the Comets, Jett Gucker played like a young Riley Lange.

Today on the Shady Court 2, James’ Giraffes beat Sig’s Silly Salmon in a close game of Volleyball. From the Salmon, Crawford Badham played spectacular. From the Giraffes, Steven LeDoux played amazing.

Today on Field 1, Riley’s Righteous Royals dominated Charlie’s Gnarlys. From the Gnarlys, Graham Newsom played spectacularly. From the Royals, Cristian Gray played like Mitchell Gross in his prime.

Today on the Shady Field 2, Gray’s Anatomy beat Zach’s Zesty Zebras in a pretty neat game of Softball. From the Anatomy, Harrison Walker played like the ultimate human specimen, and from the Zebras, Bruce Downey played like a young Zach Cater.

Today in the Camp Mac Gym, Boon’s Big Ballers destroyed Fielder’s Banana’s in a nail-biting game of Bombardment. From the Ballers, Mason Lark threw some cheese. From the Bananas, Fletcher Beale played like the ripest banana.

Cabin Time

Wet Willie

Today for Cabin Time, G1 had the Wet Willie and all them did a 360 on the Wet Willie.


Today at Putt-Putt, the girls came down and we had a Hole in One Contest. Mattie Brown and Leah Tillman each got 1 Hole in One. Cheney Humphrey, Mara Keen, Bella Wakstein, and Ashley Dickson each got 2. Elizabeth Rigrish and Mary Jennings Gross each got 3. Becca Dark, Ella Martin, and Gigi Beale each got 4.



Today at Dance, we had a Dance Off Competition and played some Freeze Dance. The Sassy Sisters won the Dance Off Competition and the winners of Freeze Dance were Reese Wilson and Olivia Vosburg.


The girls also came down today and played some Cricket in the Cage. For the girls, the winners were Mali Brown, Lilly Grace Lomngshore, and Vivian Austin. We also finished our week-long Doubles Tournament and Mali Brown and Mary Elen Badham came in 2nd. Sofie Bynum and Anne Margaret Wilkinson came in 1st.

Advanced Power Boating

Today at Advanced Power Boating, we practiced pulling skiers around the lake and docking the boat. The most improved at docking for the boys was George Newman and for the Girls was Marion Haskell.


Today B-4 and Chinnabee came down during Cabin Time to the Sunny Field 1 to play some Kickball. Aba’s Animal’s ate up Da Ballers, winning 15-4 in a fiery game of Kickball.


Today the Boys came down and we had the Camp Mac Masters! After a grueling battle, Brock Wallace was our victor!

The girls also had the Cam Mac Masters today and the winner was Caroline Wyatt!


Today for Electives, the girls came down to the Old Camp Mac Fishing Hole and caught some massive fish. Elizabeth Ward caught 2 huge Catfish and Mary Strom caught and kissed a Bluegill.

The boys also came down today and caught some fish. Pierson Kirk caught 2 fish with one of those being a dual effort with Van Dawson-Flanagin to catch a very big Catfish.

From the Dining Hall This morning, we had Donuts with Bacon, Eggs, Grits, and Fresh Fruit  For lunch, we had Chicken Sandwiches with Potato Chips and a Salad Bar.  And to end the day, we had Pizza with Hot Wings, a Salad Bar, and Ice Cream. 


Charlie Magid gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Talent Night! Performances were done by Bella Wakstein, Sam Taylor, Kat Brown, The Sassy Sisters, Declan McTear, Annie Carrington, Ruby Madigan, Cabin B-3, Mason Lark, Lottie Gross, Caroline Burris, Libby Nash, Helen Hinton, Lilly Grace Longshore, Allison Davis, Joe Garrett, Rob Lee, Marley McKinney, Eden Hubbard, Colin Gentle, Evie Lewis, James Mitchell, Matt Vosburg, Lizzie Gentle, Olivia Vosburg, Mary Burkhalter, Mattie Brown, Catherine Honeycut, Elizabeth Ward, Anabelle Lewis, Jensen McClendon, Cabin B-0, and the Last-Year-Camper Girls.