June 14th 2018

Morning Activities


Todays's high scores!

Rhea Mostellar- 37

Katie Brown- 32, 33, and passed of Marksman.
Taylor Goodrich- 33 & 42
Peyton Frazer- 30 & 35

Nancy Laughbaum- 31
Parker Whittington- 34 & 35
Kendall Gilreath- passed off marksman
Reagan Costello- 38
Kate Wallace- 32
Chloe Schaffer- 32

Rough Riders:
Brabee Pirnie- 32 & 39
Sarah Beth Rikard- 32
Elizabeth Kell- 30 & 37
Adeline Sinkwich- 36 & 39
Brooke Oakley- 32
M.K. Moore- 34


Today, the boys played "Cricket in the Cage."

Here are the winners from each class period:
1st period- Angus James
2nd period-Robert Huffaker
3rd period-John Martin & Wesley Smith
4th period- Jimmy White

Individual Sports

The girls played 9 Square in the Air


At Upper Lake, there were 3 first time skiers:
Jonathan Tebo
Jacob Price
Niall Anderson

Lukas Yi passed off 3rd & 2nd class wake-boarding.
Max Montgomery- passed off 3rd class kneeboarding
Mack Pinel passed off 3rd class wake-boarding.
Benji Sokol passed off 2nd class skiing.
Cooper Kennedy passed off 3rd class skiing.
JD Lewis passed off 1st class kneeboarding.

At Lower Lake:

Will Bringer passed off Expert kneeboarding.
Wyatt Long passed off 1st class kneeboarding.
Ethan Yi passed off 2nd class kneeboarding.
Joe Joe Mahfet passed off 2nd class kneeboarding.
McNeil Mostellar passed off 3rd class kneeboarding.
Sims Druhan passed off 3rd class skiing.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had French toast, bacon, buttered toast, jelly, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had BLTs, potato chips, PB&J, a salad bar, and iced brownies for dessert. For dinner, we ate hot-dogs, beans, chips, and s'mores on overnights.

Afternoon Activities




Today the guys rode the zip-line while trying to catch dodgeballs on the way down.

Shooting Sports

Grant Steed shot 7/10 & 6/12.
Will Beringer shot 7/10 & 9/12.
Hudson Tucker shot 6/10 & 5/12.
Preston Kennedy shot 5/10 & 7/12.
Jackson Pipkin shot 7/10 & 7/12.
Rylan Petus shot 4/10 & 5/12.
Robert Huffaker shot 7/10 & 7/12.
Niall Anderson shot 7/10 & 5/12.


Trail Carts

Shooting Sports

Kathleen O'neal shot 11/12.
Parker Whittington shot 2/12.
Adeline Sinkwich shot 6/12.
Olivia Tucker shot 5/12.
Mary Catherine Martin shot 8/12.
Sarah Davis shot 4/12.
Kate Moreland shot 8/12.

League Games

Cabin Time

While the boys were at League Games, the girls had Cabin Time!

G-2 & G-1 faced off at the Water Balloon Battlefield.
G-3 went to the Blob.
G-4 went to the Wet Willie
Oakridge went to the Iceberg.
G-0 went to the pool.
Lake Cabin had rappelling.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...


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