June 11th 2019

Morning Activities


Today the girls came down to the ole Camp Mac Rifle Range, and we had some high scores of the day!
Kate Fitzpatrick - 32, 30
Laura Blount - 32
Helen Kohn - 33
Blakely Lawler- 30, 34
Amelie Pazona - 30
Anissa Brewer - 32


Today at the sunny Camp Mac lakes, we had a first time skiers and some first time wakeboarders!!
Our first time skiers was Gavin Tomlin.
Our two wakeboarders were John Morgan Longshore and Kenneth Nguyen!


Today at the pool, we had a soaking good time with a having a few diving competitions!
For Advanced Swimmers, Jerry Green won with a front flip. Honorable mention to Jason Allen with a bellyflop.
For Swimmers, Wake Rushin won with a 180 dab. Honorable Mention to Fred Carrington with a bellyflop.
For Stingrays, Armaan Mahbubani won with a 180 fade dab. Honorable mention to Mac Delaney who did a front flip into a bellyflop.
For Dolphins, Larson Chafin won. Honorable mention to Finley Montgomery with a bellyflop.

Snake Day!

Today at Wilderness Skills, the Girls came down and got to hold some of the snakes that and other animals at Wilderness Skills!!

Team Sports

Today at AE and Erdman's Dojo for Spertz we had the boys come to the Camp Mac Gymnasium for some Pillow Polo.
First period, the Yellow Jackets beat the Blue Team 5-4. MVPs were Ethan Brown and Wake Rushin.
Second period the Pillow Polo Pros beat the Bananers 7-6. MVPs were John Dubroc, Carlisle Robinson, and Kenneth Nguyen.
Third Period, the Wreckers beat Joe's Moes 6-5. MVPs were Gavin Tomlin and Wilkes DeArman.
Fourth Period, the Sabertooths beat the Apex Predators 7-6. MVPs were Alex Green and Edmund Daniels.

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast we had Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, and biscuits) and assorted cereal. For lunch, we had grilled cheese and chicken nuggets, as well as the option of a salad bar. And to end the day, we had pot roast!

League Games


Today on the sunshiney soccer field, Chloe and Virginia's Vibrant Vipers beat Sarah Parkers Sparklers. From the sparklers, Jenny Vaas played great. and from the Vipers, Rosie Stone played like a rockstar!!

In the Gymnasium, Ella and Sophie's Extraordinary Sharks took down Sarah and Lucy's Super Lucky Squad. From the Squad, Helena Pryor threw the ball so hard, it made Sophie cry. For the Sharks Lilly Christopher decided fish are food, not friends.

The winner of the Ice Cream prize for league games was Ella and Sophie's Extraordinary Sharks!!!


On Field 1, the Tiny Yi's took a nail biting victory over Bibb's Bulls in kickball. For the Yi's, Mason Lark played like a true cowboy. For the Bulls, Joe Garrett played like a Yi swatter.

On Field 2, Robert's Rebellion dethroned Hudson's Hornets in a super intense game of kickball. From the rebellion, Will Vosburg played like a boss. and from the Hornets, Harrison DeArman played superb.

Tonight for Night Rec..

SC Campfire!

The Senior Counselors put on an Indian themed campfire to entertain the campers! They played games, watched skits, and even heard a fire-side story.