June 12th 2019

Morning Activities


Today the boys came down to the ole Camp Mac Rifle Range, and we had some high scores of the day!
Richard Delaney - 34, 32
Joe Garrett - 34
Miles Cummings - 30
Jay Delaney - 30, 39
Will Schuh - 30


Today at the sunny Camp Mac lakes, we had a first time skiers and some first time kneeboarders!!
Our first time skiers were Mary Brook Wills, Katie Kinzing, Lyla Wesson, Blakely Lawler, and Kate Fitzpatrick.
our first time kneeboarders were Ginny Voss, and Maggie McLeod.


Today at the Pool, we had a diving competition.
First period, Miller Cox won.
Second period, Marion Haskell won.
Third period, Blakely Lawler and Lauren Lee won.
Fourth period,Mary Brook Wills and Helen Kohn won.

Snake Day!

Today at Wilderness Skills, the boys came down and got to hold some of the snakes that and other animals at Wilderness Skills!!

Team Sports

Today at AE and Erdman's Dojo for Spertz, we had the girls come down to play some handball.
1st period MVPs were Anissa Brewer and Addison Bell.
2nd period MVPs were Katie Kinzig and Kate Fitzpatrick.
3rd period MVPs were Maggie Jones and Avery Waird.
4th period MVPs were Annie Payne and Ginny Voss.

From the Dining Hall This morning for breakfast we had cinnamon rolls and assorted cereal. For lunch, we had hot dogs and fries, as well as the option of a salad bar. And to end the day, we had chicken tenders with lima beans and rice!

Tonight for Night Rec..

Party Night!!

All of the camp came together for one last Rec Hall before the term ended.

Check Out

Today marked the last day of the Jr Term. All of the campers were checked out successfully!!