June 4th 2018

Morning Activities


At Riflery, we had some boys that shot exceedingly well.

Lyles Garrett- 33
John Morgan Longshore- 34 & 28
Luke McAllister- 35
Abe Tinney- 28


Down on Lower Lake, Charlotte Freeman got up on skis for the first time, and we had four 1st-time Kneeboarders: Ella Jones, Herrin Tate, Anna Harrison McGehee, and Eden Hubbard.

At 6 o'clock new, we had 5 campers receive Camp Mac skiing shirts: Mary Laslie Pike, Abigail Rhodes, Madison Fedler, Eddie Stivers, and Hank Stone

Wilderness Skills

This morning, all the boys got to hike out to High Falls. While there, they leaned how to identify different trees, Poison Ivy, and Poison Oak. They also fished around in the small pools below the falls in search of Crawfish.

Fun & Games

Today, the girls went to the arcade and had an air hockey tournament.

Winners from each class period:
Amelie Pazona
Mary Parker Stivers
Mary Drue Cobb
Kendall Tatum

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had Camp Mac Breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs grits, and toast), juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, PB&J, a salad bar, and cookies for dessert. For dinner, we had a pot roast, potatoes, green beans, and rolls. PB&J, a salad bar, and peach cobbler were also available.

Afternoon Activities


For Electives, each Cabin went to a different activity.


B-0: Kayaking
B-1: Bucking Bull
B-2: Putt-Putt
B-3: Fishing
B-4: Zip-line


G-1: Bucking Bull
G-2: Putt-Putt
G-3: Fishing
G-4: Zip-line

League Games

On Court 1, Lemma's Llamas devoured Marian's Magicians. From the Llamas Mae Mae Druhan caught like an Olympic star; and from the Magicians, Mary Drue Cobb's serves were unstoppable.

Cabin Time

While the girls were at League Games, the boys had Cabin Time! On Lower Lake, B-4 and B-1 went to the Obstacle Course, and B-0 went to the Iceberg. On the other side of camp, B-1 and B-3 faced off on our human-sized Foosball court.


Tonight, our speaker was Madeline Ellison, and G-3 sang as our choir.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Tacky Night!

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