June 5th 2018

Morning Activities


At Riflery, we had Shot in the Dark Day!
Every time someone shot the target in the black area, it counted as one point for their Riflery team.

During 1st period, the Blue team won!
Emma McCormick shot two 27s, and a 32.
Hayes Youngner shot a 25

During 2nd period, the Blue team and White team tied!
Helena Pryor shot a 26
Ro Dawson-Flanagin shot a 25
Avery Wiard shot a 27
Eden Hubbard shot a 29
Amelie Pazona shot a 30

During 3rd period, the White team won!
Alice Kate Krawczyk shot a 26
Hayden Wiard shot a 25 and a 29
Ceci Bove shot a 25 and a 26

During 4th period, the Blue team won!
Kinleigh Freeman shot a 25 and a 30
Cate Lidden shot a 38 (High Score of the Summer!)
Meghan Blankenship shot a 31
Mary Helen Mendheim shot a 27, 28,29, and a 34


Today, the boys had a "Dizzy Tennis Relay!"

From the Dolphins, the winners were as follows:
1st- Roland White 22.38 sec.
2nd- Hank Stone 22.42 sec.
3rd- Mac Otts 24.50 sec.

From the Stingrays, the winners were as follows:
1st- Tharpe Pettis 22.08 sec.
2nd- Kee Graham 23.01 sec.
3rd- Liles Garrett 25.34 sec.

From the Swimmers, the winners were as follows:
1st- Gavin Vu 18.08 sec. (fastest of the day!)
2nd- Jack Bright 19.68 sec.
3rd- Cal Franklin 19.96 sec.

Wilderness Skills

This morning, all the girls got to hike out to High Falls. While there, they leaned how to identify different trees, Poison Ivy, and Poison Oak. They also fished around in the small pools below the falls in search of Crawfish.

Team Sports

Today the boys, played Capture the Chicken!

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, toast juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had hamburgers, fries, PB&J, a salad bar, watermelon, and cream pies for dessert. For dinner, we had pork chops, apple sauce, Mac 'n' cheese, Black-eyed Peas, and corn bread. PB&J, a salad bar, and Dirt Cake were also available.

Afternoon Activities


For Electives, each Cabin went to a different activity.


B-0: Bucking Bull
B-1: Putt-Putt
B-2: Fishing
B-3: Zip-line
B-4: Game Room


G-1: Putt-Putt
G-2: Fishing
G-3: Zip-line
G-4: Game Room

League Games

On Court 2, Anson's Amazing Ants swiftly demolished Will's Wild Warriors. From the Ants, Kee Graham played like a stud. From the Warriors, Cage Cockrell turned Beast-mode on.

On Field 1, William's Wooden Wall of China whipped Indiana Joneses as if it was "The Last Crusade." From the wall, John Bloch played like a more athletic version of Huston West. From the Joneses, Finley Montgomery was precious.

On Field 2, Slade's Slayers destroyed Jackson's Jackhammers in a gruesome game of Kickball. From Slade's Slayers, Buddy Fleming played like a young Logan Cooney. From the Jackhammers were amazing.

Cabin Time

While the boys were at League Games, the girls had Cabin Time! On Lower Lake, G-2 went to the Obstacle Course. On the other side of camp, G-3 and G-4 faced off on our human-sized Foosball court. G-1 rode over to the barn to swing on the Sky Coaster!

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Talent Night!

At Talent Night, our MCs were Princess Leia and Chewbacca

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