June 3rd 2018

Sunday at Camp Mac

Flag Raising

This morning we got to sleep-in! The bell wake-up bell didn't ring until 8 o'clock sharp. After breakfast we had our Sunday Flag Raising.

Sunday School

After Flag Raising, we processed to the Amphitheater to hear a brief Sunday school message by Camp Mac alum, Mary Hunter Maxwell. G-2 was our choir.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had sausage biscuits, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had ham and turkey subs, chips, PB&J, a salad bar, and cookies for dessert. For supper, we had Dominos Pizza, wings, and a salad bar. Chocolate-chip cookies were available for dessert.

Afternoon Activities


For Electives, each Cabin went to a different activity.


B-0: Tramps
B-1: Kayaking
B-2: Bucking Bull
B-3: Putt-Putt
B-4: Fishing


G-1: Kayaking
G-2: Bucking Bull
G-3: Putt-Putt
G-4: Fishing

League Games

On Court 1, William's Wooden Wall of China jacked-up Jackson's Jackhammers in an intense game of Newcomb. From the wall, Alex Green played like a young Trey Oakley. From the Jack Hammers Cal Franklin played like a champ.

On Court 2, Will's Wild Warriors tamed Slade's Slayers in a riveting game of Newcomb. From the Warriors, Cage Cockrell played like a beast. From the Slayers, Tristan Cooper played like an elite baller.

On the roaring grass of Field 1, The Indiana Joneses beat Anson's Ants 9-4 in an incredible game of Kickball. From the Indiana Joneses, Finley Montgomery played like a young Mike Trout; and for the Ants, John Morgan played swimmingly.

Cabin Time

While the boys played League Games, the girls had Cabin Time. G-1 and G-2 hashed it out at the Water Ballon Battlefield. G-3 went down to Lower Lake and made good use of the Rolling Log and Obstacle Course. G-4 went over to the barn, and rode the Sky Coaster.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Movie Night!

The boys went to the Rec Hall, and the girls went to the Little Theater. Both groups watched The Greatest Showman.

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