June 6th 2018

Morning Activities


The boys are continuing to shoot well. Here are the day's high scores.

1st period:
Liles Garrett- 27 & 28
Brock Wallace- 28

2nd period:
Robert Baird- 25 & 25
Liam Baker- 28
Lyons Moore- 29
Hank Stone- 28

3rd period:
Thomas Lacy- 32
Cal Franklin- 28
Tristan Cooper-27

4th period:
Abe Tinney- 25, 25, & 27
Buddy Fleming- 30
Jack Campbell- 29
Will Lewis- 26
Murphy Freeman- 27


Today, the girls had a "Dizzy Tennis Relay!"

From the Dolphins, the winners were as follows:
1st- Emma McCormick 22.48 sec.
2nd- Sophia Sanders 23.99 sec.
3rd- Ella Jones 25.19 sec.

From the Stingrays, the winners were as follows:
1st- Scarlett Hale 26.23 sec.
2nd- Madison Fedler 26.33 sec.
3rd- Lauren Lee 38.17 sec.

From the Advanced Swimmers, the winners were as follows:
1st- Mary Helen Mendheim 21.08 sec.
2nd- Mary Cates Freeman 24.42 sec.
3rd- Mary Emily Frazer 24.48 sec.

From the Swimmers, the winners were as follows:
1st- Mae Mae Druhan 20.75 sec.
2nd- Amelia Lacy 24.89 sec.
3rd- Evelyn Baird 25.12 sec.

Wilderness Skills

Today, we had Animal Day for the boys!


At Upper Lake, Kendall Tatum got up on skis for the first time!

At Lower Lake, we had 4 first time Kneeboarders:
Cate Liddon
Ro Dawson-Flanagin
Mary Laslie Pike
Auden Rainer

Cecile Bove, Evelyn Baird, Caroline Wyatt, Charlotte Freeman, and Ro Dawson-Flanagin received ski shirts at 6 o'clock news.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and had cinnamon rolls, toasted bagels, cream cheese, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had Taco Salad, PB&J, a salad bar, watermelon, and cream pies for dessert. For dinner, we had Chicken Pot Pie, chicken casserole, broccoli with cheese, corn nuggets, and yeast rolls. PB&J, a salad bar, and Dirt Cake were also available.

Afternoon Activities


For Electives, each Cabin went to a different activity.


B-0: Putt-Putt
B-1: Fishing
B-2: Zip-line
B-3: Game Room
B-4: Wet Willie


G-1: Fishing
G-2: Zip-line
G-3: Game Room
G-4: Wet Willie

League Games

On Court 1, Cayden Cameron's Cool Camel Crew exterminated Megan's Magenta Mooses. From the Camels, Ann Everett Simon played swell. From the Mooses, Lilly Christopher caught fantastically.

On Field 1, Marian's Magicians abra-cadadabra-ed their way to the top against Ada's Army. From Ada's team, Elizabeth Jones played like a champ; and from Marion's team, Ginny Voss played magically.

On Field 2, Emma & Megs Bacon 'n' Eggs sizzled Lemmas Llamas. From the Bacon 'n' Eggs, Kendall Tatum played like a Sunny Side-up egg. From the Llamas, Hayes Youngner played with great poise.

Cabin Time

While the girls were at League Games, the boys had Cabin Time! On Lower Lake, B-1 went to the Obstacle Course, and B-3 went to the Iceberg. On the other side of camp, B-2 and B-4 faced off on our human-sized Foosball court. B-0 rode over to the barn to swing on the Sky Coaster!


Tonight our speaker was Lee Chapman Parks, and G-1 was our choir.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Carnival Night!

Everyone went down to the courts and got to have popcorn and Coke, while enjoying a variety of games like ring toss, lasso, corn-hole, a dunking booth, and much more!

Visit our Photo Gallery to see the day's pictures!