July 9th 2019

Morning Activities


Vivi Frazier passed off Marksman
Anne Roberds passed off Marksman 1st Class
Lily Brown passed off Marksman 1st Class
Ellen Druham passed off Marksman
Mary Eason Robinson - 39
Parker Whittington - 38 & passed off Sharpshooter
Mary Jack Gordon - 40
Ava Gregory - 37
Katie Brown - 38


At Upper Lake, we had a couple of boys pass off some classes
Pierce Horton passed off 2nd Class Kneeboarding
JD Lewis passed passed off Expert Kneeboarding
Joe Joe Mahfet passed 1st Class Kneeboarding
Marshall Cummings passed off 2nd Class Skiing
Wallace Vaughan got up on skis for the first time!

Down at Lower Lake, we had a pretty big day!
Angus James passed off Expert Skiing
Sig James passed off Expert Wakeboarding and Distinguished Expert
Spencer Marston passed off Expert Wakeboarding
Jake Magid passed off Expert Wakeboarding (in jeans!)
John Martin passed off 1st Class Wakeboarding
Charlie Magid passed off 2nd Class Skiing (in jeans!)

Team Sports

Today the guys came down and played some Fortnite!
JV - Wakanda beat Erdman's Attractive Hair 5-2. The MVPs were McNeill Robinson and Gibson Bradley
Varsity - AE Sports: It's In the Game beat Erdman's Dad Bods 4-2. The MVPs were Spencer Marston and Barr Chavers
Rookies - Erdman's Education beat AE's Anteaters 11-10. The MVPs were Luke McAllister and Max Ronning
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Chris Price

Fun & Games

We had another Ultimate Waterfront Day!
3rd period finished the course in 20:40 minutes
2nd period finished the course in 21:18 minutes
and our Ultimate Waterfront winner was 1st period, who finished in 19:25 minutes


Today it was the girls' turn to play Cow Soccer and Barrel Racing!
For Cow Soccer:
Rough Riders -
Aba's Group got 62 cows
Stuart's Group got 24 cows
Holland's Group got 42 cows
Dudes -
Aba's Group got 0 cows
Caroline's Group got 4 cows
Holland's Group got 4 cows
Wranglers -
Caroline's Group got 4 cows
Stuart's Group got 1 cow
Aba's Group got 5 cows

For Barrel Racing:
Rough Riders:
1st - Ashley Costello on Duke with 23.16 seconds
2nd - Mary Jack Gordon on Duke with 23.96 seconds
3rd - Sarah Inskeep on Duke with 24.36 seconds
1st - Madison Fedler on White Sox with 26.76 seconds
2nd - Hayden Wiard on Duke with 29.41 seconds
3rd - Scarlett Ward on Duke with 30.31 seconds
1st - Sadie Carrington on White Sox with 23.50 seconds
2nd - Evie Tuten on White Sox with 23.55 seconds
3rd - Rylan Ross on White Sox with 25.06 seconds

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we started the day with Camp Mac Breakfast and assorted cereals!

At Lunch, we had Grilled Cheese and Chicken Nuggets!

And we ended the day with Chicken Alfredo for Dinner!



The boys went over to the Climbing Wall!
Baden Wallace made it all the way to the top
Tav Shaffer made it 9 1/2 meters
Wallace Vaughan made it 9 meters
Austin Butler made it 4 meters
Alex Taber made it 7 meters
Gray Bias made it 6 meters

Shooting Sports

Kade Hudson - 13 clays
Wyatt Long - 8 clays

Sadie Leland - 6 clays
Ann Roberds - 4 clays
EB Maultsby - 3 clays
Madison Yi - 3 clays
EP Counts - 11 clays


Ethan Yi caught 6 fish
Crawford Badham caught 1 catfish
Jack Bright caught 1 fish
Brock Wallace caught 1 fish
Hails Austin caught a turtle

Sadie Carrington caught 3 fish


Archer Adams passed off 2nd Class!

League Games

Today the guys competed in the Steak Dinner Finals!

On Court 1, Will Kell's Will Kells defeated Joe's Toes in a very intense game of Volleyball. From the Toes, Whitman Rikard was unstoppable, and Will Fiedler showed out for the Will Kells.

Over on Court 2, Becdach's Becdads played a nail-biting game of Newcomb against the Cutie Pies. For the Becdads, Mack Marston played maliciously. For the Cutie Pies, Ethan Yi played ecstatically. In the end, the Becdads came out victorious.


Today the campers who took Rappelling traveled up to the top of Mount Cheaha where they rappelled off the side of it!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-4 and we had two special guest speakers, Katie Fish and Sarah Parker Lowery!

Night Rec