July 8th 2019

Morning Activities


Brock Wallace passed off Marksman
Crawford Badham - 39
Alex Taber - 37 & passed off Marksman
Baden Wallace - 39
Gray Bias - 47 (Boys High of the Summer!!)
John Martin passed off Marksman
MacGregor Tuten - 37
Andrew Wallace - 42
Wyatt Long - 40, 41
Cooper Kennedy - 40
Dakota Longshore - 44
Ethan Yi - 39
Brandon Huff - 39
Will Adkins - 38


Today was Doubles Day down at the Camp Mac Lakes!!!
At Upper Lake, we played some Rock Paper Scissors while riding around the lake!
Charlotte Robbins won RPS while double Wakeboarding
EP Counts won RPS while double Kneeboarding
Margaret Krawzyck won RPS while double Kneeboarding
Mary Jack Gordon passed off 1st Class Kneeboarding
Sophie Robbins won RPS while double Kneeboarding
Mary Drue Cobb won RPS while double Kneeboarding
Alice Kate Krawzyck won RPS three times
Hayden Wiard won RPS twice
Katie Brown passed off 2nd Class Skiing
Lily Brown won RPS while double Skiing
Caroline Peebles won the staring contest while double Skiing

Down at Lower Lake,
Sadie Carrington did a double wakeboard with her jeans on twice!!

Team Sports

Today the ladies came down to the Dojo and played some Fortnite!!

JV - Erdman’s Earwax beat AE’s Sicko Monkeys 6-4. The MVPs were Ellie Mostellar and Katie Brown

Varsity- Erdman’s Durags beat AE’s IOUs 7-1. The MVPs were Elizabeth Kell and Grace Mahfet

Rookies - AE’s Sunscreen (Because We Block Out All the Haters) beat Erdman’s Eyebrows 4-2.

The MVPs were Eleanor Adkins and Hadley Harris!

And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Kate Wheeler!

Fun & Games

Today was Ultimate Waterfront Day!! It was CRAZY!

1st period completed the course in 26:02 minutes,
3rd period completed the course in 25:54 minutes, and 2nd period won the course with 22:36 minutes!

And the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Emerson Denham!


Today was Barrel Racing and Cow Soccer day for the boys!
For Cow Soccer:
Rough Riders:
Stuart’s Group got 8 cows
Caroline’s Group got 30 cows
Aba’s Group got 29 cows
Holland’s Group got 13 cows
Caroline’s Group got 11 cows
Stuart’s Group got 11 cows
Holland’s Group got 42 cows
Stuart’s Group got 47 cows
Aba’s Group got 27 cows

And for Barrel Racing:
Rough Riders:
1st - Barr Chavers on White Sox with 23.31 seconds
2nd - Ethan Yi on White Sox with 24.38 seconds
3rd - Spencer Marston on Duke with 24.86 seconds
1st - Mack Marston on Mystery with 27.97 seconds
2nd - Benji Sokol on Weasley with 28.78 seconds
3rd - Max Ronning on White Sox with 31.57 seconds
1st - Charlie Magid on Comanche with 23.37 seconds
2nd - Rylan Wingo on White Sox with 25.31 seconds
3rd - Tav Shaffer on Weasley with 25.47 seconds

Arts & Crafts

We had our last round of favorite tie-dye shirts! Our favorites were:
Madison Yi
Grace Mahfet
Bella Spear
Rosemary Gross

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we had Pancakes and assorted cereals.

Then at Lunch, we enjoyed some Hotdogs and Fries.

And we ended the day with Salsberry Steak.



The boys came down today and played 2 rounds of Dropout.
Andrew Wallace won the first round
Marshall Cummings won the second round

Shooting Sports

Chris Price - 17 clays
Brandon Huff - 12 clays
Kade Hudson - 22 clays
Wyatt Long - 13 clays
Sig James - 11 clays

Madison Yi - 2 clays
EP Counts - 5 clays
Sadie Leland - 8 clays
Taylor Goodrich - 8 clays
Kate Moreland - 11 clays
Katie Brown - 12 clays
Ann Roberds - 5 clays


Ethan Yi caught 7 fish
Mack Marston caught 1 fish
Crawford Badham caught a turtle

Eleanor Adkins caught a turtle
Sadie Carrington caught one fish

League Games

Today the girls came down to compete in the finals for the Steak Dinner!

On Court 1, Ponyo and West Virginia’s Mountain Mommas competed for the dub. After three intense games of volleyball, Ponyo swam their way to victory. From the Mommas, Grace Mahfet played better than the Mountain Momma herself. From Ponyo, Kate Kingsmill was all over the court!

Up on Field 1, MK’s All the Ways battled it out against Adeline’s Super Saucy Sandwiches in a nail-biting game of kickball. From the Sandwiches, Caroline Peebles was like a shooting star, and Ellie Mostellar was a straight up beast for the All the Ways. After a close game, the MK’s All the Ways truly went all the way to victory.

6 O'clock News

Tonight our 8th and 9th graders who took Rappelling were recognized and were given their Camp Mac carabiners. Some of them are headed to the top of Mount Cheaha tomorrow to rappel!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-3, and our speakers were Julia Wiedmer and Kate Wallace.

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Coke Night where they got a sneak peak of the 4 Week Term Video Yearbook!

Juniors Cabin

The Juniors had Rec Hall!