July 10th 2019

Morning Activities


Today was Pass Off Day!!
Crawford Badham passed off Marksman
Baden Wallace passed off Sharpshooter
Gray Bias passed off Sharpshooter
Spencer Marston passed off Marksman
Angus James passed off Sharpshooter
Ethan Yi - 43, 43
Chris Price - 41
Angus James - 39, 37


Today was the girls' last day at the good ole Camp Mac lakes, but we still had a blast and passed off some classes!

Passing off 1st Class Skiing:
Kate Wheeler
Sarah Kate Harris

Passing off 2nd Class Skiing:
Emma Moose
Anna Rucker
Caroline Peebles

Passing off 2nd Class Kneeboarding:
Anna Harrison McGhee

Passing off 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
Reese Magid

Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding:
Emerson Denham

Passing off 2nd Class Wakeboarding:
Archer Adams

Passing off 1st Class Wakeboarding:
Grace Mahfet
Mary Eason Robinson

First Time Skiers!!
Rylan Ross
Mary Fran Rigrish

Team Sports

The ladies came down to the Dojo and played some Capture the Chicken!

JV - Erdman's Earwax beat AE's Sicko Monkeys 4-1. The MVPs were Sadie Carrington and Rhea Mostellar

Varsity - AE's IOUs beat Erdman's Durags 2-0. The MVPs were Nancy Laughbaum
and Margaret Krawzyck

Rookies - Erdman's Eyebrows beat AE's Sunscreen (Because We Block Out All
the Haters) 3-2. The MVPs were Sara Sahlie Marcato

And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Sarah Inskeep!!

Fun & Games

Today was Scavenger Hunt Day! The girls hunted for clues all over camp and gathered the stuff they needed in order for them to win!

And the winners from each period were:
1st period - EB Maultsby and Margret Adkins
2nd period - Campbell Long and Ashley Costello
3rd period - Ro Dawson Flanagin and Emerson Denham

And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Mary Eason Robinson!

Dining Hall

For breakfast, we had Blueberry Muffins and Banana Bread with assorted cereals.

For lunch, we had Hamburgers and Fries with the option of a salad bar.

And we ended the day with Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner!



Hayden Wiard passed off 1st Class!

Shooting Sports

Today the kids came over and shot clays to try and earn a spot in the shoot out tomorrow!

Kade Hudson - 18 clays
Chris Price - 21 clays
Brandon Huff - 14 clays
Sig James - 18 clays
Wyatt Long - 11 clays
The shoot out participants are Kade Hudson, Chris Price, Brandon Huff, and
Sig James

Sadie Leland - 1 clay
Taylor Goodrich - 5 clays
EB Maultsby - 5 clays
Ann Roberds - 3 clays
EP Counts - 6 clays
Madison Yi - 2 clays
Katie Brown - 2 clays
Kate Moreland - 6 clays
The shoot out participants are Kate Moreland, Taylor Goodrich, EB Maultsby,
and EP Counts


Barr Chavers won Cricket in the Cage

Lily Close won 2 games of Cricket in the Cage
Madison Fedler won Queen of the Court and Cricket in the Cage
Sophie Robbins won Skittles


Sadie Carrington caught 2 fish Anna Harrison McGhee caught a turtle

League Games

Tonight we had our Steak Dinner for the Champions!


Tonight our music was given by our last year campers, and our speaker was
Sarah Kate Harris!

Night Rec

Junior Cabins

The Juniors previewed the 4 Week Video Yearbook at Coke Night!

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Rec Hall!