July 7th 2019

Flag Bearers

USA Flag Bearers

G-4: Anna Harrison McGhee

G-3: Hayden Wiard

G-2: Mary Fran Rigrish

G-1: Margret Adkins

G-0: Alyssa Burleson

LAKE: Charlotte Robbins

B-4: Jack Bright

B-3: Joe Joe Mahfet

B-2: Gibson Bradley

B-1: Charlie Magid

CHINN: Dakota Longshore

B-0: Riley Dinsmore

Flag Raisers: EP Counts & Kade Hudson

Sunday School

Today our special music was given by Kate Kingsmill and Rosemary Gross, and our guest speaker was Laura Brooks Bright, Alum & Camp Mac Mom! Laura shared that in their home, they don't call it "losing"...they call it "learning"! Such a wonderful message for our campers who have spent weeks trying so many new things!

Mile Swim

Today was our Mile Swim day down at Lower Lake. Some of our more advanced swimmers came down after Sunday School and swam one mile, two miles, and some even swam three!

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we started the morning off with Camp Mac breakfast!

For Lunch, we had the option of either Turkey or Tuna Salad Sandwiches and Rice Krispie treats!

And we ended the day with Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potatoes, Black-Eyed Peas, and caramel cake for dessert!

Night Rec

Movie Night!

The Seniors watched I Can Only Imagine

The Juniors watched Boss Baby