July 6th 2019

Morning Activities


Katherine Tuten passed off Pro Marksman
Luci Miller - 37, 36
Ann Chason Brock - 40, 40, 44, 44, & 48 (New High of the Summer!!!) &
passed off Sharpshooter
Julia Ronning passed off Marksman
Lily Brown - 38
Lily Close - 37
Bella Spear - 37
Kate Wallace - 40 & passed off Marksman 1st Class
Ava Gregory - 42
Nancy Laughbaum - 42, 38, & passed off Sharpshooter
Taylor Goodrich - 42
Mary Eason Robinson - 39, 42, & passed off Marksman 1st Class
Caroline Calhoun passed off Marksman
Emma Moose passed off Marksman 1st Class


Today at Upper Lake School of Mastercraft and Lizardry, the guys came down
and had Doubles Day!
Ben Arnold won Rock Paper Scissors while double skiing
Yates Holley won Rock Paper Scissors while double kneeboarding
Passing off 3rd Class Skiing:
Brock Wallace
Passing off 2nd Class Kneeboarding:
Mack Pinel
Passing off 2nd Class Skiing:
Crawford Badham

Team Sports

The boys came down to the Gym and played some Pillow Polo!
JV - Wakanda beat Erdman's Attractive Hair 14-6. The MVPs were Web Bennett
and Jimmy White
Varsity - AE Sports: It's In the Game beat Erdman's Dad Bods 9-6. The MVPs
were Sig James and Jake Spear
Rookies - AE's Anteaters beat Erdman's Education 6-4. The MVPs were Benji
Sokol and Joe Joe Mahfet
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Mack Marston!

Fun & Games

The boys came over to the Climbing Wall today and had a blast!
1st period - Charlie Magid made it up 11 panels in 45 seconds and also made
it to the top of the wall
2nd period - Christopher Snow made it up 8 panels in 45 seconds
3rd period - Mack Pinel made it up 7 panels in 45 seconds
And the winner of Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Crawford Badham!


Today the boys had a water basketball tournament! They split up into teams
and competed for the W!
Rookies - the Kachows won
JV - Kanye 4 President won

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we started the morning off with Camp Mac Breakfast!

For Lunch, we had fried or grilled Chicken Sandwiches!

And we ended the day with Pizza and Wings!!


Shooting Sports

Chris Price - 17 clays
Kade Hudson - 16 clays
Sig James - 18 clays
Brandon Huff - 15 clays
Wyatt Long - 11 clays


Mack Marston caught 1 fish
Crawford Badham caught 1 fish
Hails Austin caught 1 fish

Luci Miller caught 1 fish


Passing off 3rd Class:
Hayden Wiard
Auden Rainer
Lucy Palmer
Caroline Wyatt
Passing off 2nd Class:
Ivey Marston
Caroline Wyatt

League Games

Today on the first Volleyball court, the Cutie Pies defeated Preston's Team
in a lit game of Newcomb. From the Cutie Pies, Graham Ward played like Peppa Pig, and Marshal Cummings played like George Pig for Preston's Team.

Up on Field 1, Will Kell to the Third Power killed Robert's Boberts in a
great game of softball. From the Boberts, Ben Arnold went hard in the
paint. From the Will Kells, Kade Hudson Will Kelled so hard.

Over on Field 2, Joe's Toes booted Lukas & Slade's Slippery Salamanders.
For the Toes, Will Adkins played like Babe Ruth in is prime. For the Salamanders, Alex Taber played like a young John Futch.

Today on the Battlefield, the Becdach's Becdads took the EPIC victory
royale against the Mason Jars. From the Becdads, Caven Burdick played like a true champion, and Andrew Wallace played like a professional for the
Mason Jars.


Tonight our choir was cabin G-2 and our speakers were Mary Eason Robinson
and Claire Hillman

Night Rec

Party Night!

Our 2019 Party Night King and Queen were Will Adkins and Kate Wheeler!