July 30th 2019

Morning Activities


Passing off Pro Marksman:
Lauren Carrington
Grace Ennis
Mae Mae Druhan
Sophia Sanders
Passing off Marksman:
Harper Maher
Valentina Rubio
Passing off Sharpshooter:
Sophie Broutin
Kinleigh Freeman - 35, 36
Grace Ennis - 41, 36, 38, & 35
Sophia Sanders - 32 & 38
Lulu Gribbin - 34
Ellie Gribbin - 38
Claire Pollitt - 40, 41, 40, & 42
Sophie Broutin - 41, 38, 43, 40, 36, 42, & 40
Valentina Rubio - 35 & 39


Today was Doubles Day!
Andrew Rainer passed 1st Class Wakeboarding
Beckett Maher passed 1st Class Wakeboarding
Liles Garrett was a First Time Skier

Fun & Games

Today we played Disc Golf and Shuffleboard! The Disc Golf champions from each period were:
1st period - Matthew Pennington
2nd period - Beckett Maher
3rd period - Hunter Franklin
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Skylar Crane!

Team Sports

It was Fortnite Day for the boys!!
JV - Cherdman's Chickens beat AE's Aces 4-3. The MVPs were Billy Pharo and Thomas Portacci.
Varsity - AE's American Eagles beat Cherdman's Full Senders 4-1. Everyone played great!
Rookies - AE's Benchwarmers beat Cherdman's Chipolte 4-1. The MVPs were Monroe Adams and Tristan Cooper.
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Maddox Brown!

Dining Hall

We started off the day with Pancakes and assorted cereals!

Then, we had Roast Beef Sandwiches and Fritos for Lunch!

And we ended this great day with Thanksgiving Dinner (turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and peas)!


Mtn. Biking

The Mountain Biker of the week from last week was John Carwie!!

Shooting Sports

Aiden Holmes - 12 clays
John Carwie - 16 clays
Simon Haughery - 2 clays
Beckett Maher - 11 clays
Lawson Gardner - 7 clays
Alessandro Zunino - 7 clays
Jack Mayhall - 7 clays
Sam Carrol - 9 clays
Will Scholl - 9 clays

Kate Moore - 7 clays
Sofia Rueda - 1 clay
Frances Hodges - 5 clays
Layla Mince - 9 clays
Meg Schoen - 3 clays
Martha Ponder - 2 clays
Caroline Carrington - 7 clays
Hollis Tate - 7 clays


Today at the Camp Mac CaddyShack aka Aba & Wesley's School for Future Masters Champions, we had the Green & White Tournament!
The White Team won!
Charles Rowe had the lowest score.
Erik Windness won the Drop-Out Competition

The White Team won again!
White Team - Kate Wagner, Lauren Carrington, Lulu Gribbin, & Mallory Shaver
Lulu Gribbin and Lauren Carrington won the Drop-Out Competition


Passing 1st Class:
Liam Baker
Jay Handmacher
Collin Webb
Passing 2nd Class:
Collin Webb

Passing 1st Class:
Claire Pollitt
Kate Broutin
Passing 2nd Class:
Ann Rollins Brown
Lena Daley

League Games

Today we had the Steak Championships for the boys!

On Court 1, Sam's Let's Get Jiggly ate up Bibb's Baby Bibs just like the steaks that they will be eating! For the Bibs, Chad Bonner played with a fiery passion! For the Jigglies, Joe Brown played with a stellar show of charisma.

Across the way on Court 2, Tilghman's Tater Tots destroyed Matthew's Mad Dogs in an insane game of Newcomb. Jimmy Hunter played scrumptiously for the Tater Tots, and Charles Rowe played viciously for the Mad Dogs.

6 O'clock News

Tonight we recognized the 8th & 9th graders who have rappelled down the wall during their cabin time!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-4, and our speaker was Chloe Rowe

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Coke Night, where they got to preview the end of the term video!

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had their very last Rec Hall of the summer!