July 31st 2019

Morning Activities


Passing off Pro Marksman:
Thomas Portacci
Sam Prim
Tristan Cooper
Billy Pharo
David Lott

Passing off Marksman:
Maddox Brown
Robert Baird - 42 & 35
Tyler James - 41 & 42


Upper Lake:
Savannah Rhodes passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Martha Ponder passed 2nd Class Skiing
Pippa Caneer passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding

Lower Lake:
Hollis Tate & Emma Lou Giordano double dock started on skis
Claudia Weisman passed 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Meryl Dubroc was a First Time Skier!

Team Sports

Today was Soccer Day for the ladies!

World Cup Winners - Lizzie Culpepper & Mary Carter Culpepper
AE's Twinkle Toes beat Cherdman's Churios 2-0. The MVPs were Amelia Crocker & Meryl Dubroc.

World Cup Winners - Caroline Carrington & Gigi Myers and Hollis Tate & Emma Lou Giordano got second.
AE's PBs & Cherdman and the Gang tied 0-0. The MVPs were Chloe Rowe & Lauren Tapley.

World Cup Winners - Amelia Lacy & Sophia Sanders
World Cup Solo Winner - Sophia Sanders
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Alice Wilbanks!

Fun & Games

The girls came down to the Climbing Wall today and had some climbing competitions!

1st period - Izzy Bohem & Olivia Anderson made it up 6 panels in 45 seconds

2nd period - Blythe Jacobs made it up 9 panels in 45 seconds

3rd period - Mae Mae Druhan made it up 7 panels in 45 seconds

And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Caroline Snyder!

Dining Hall

We started the day off with some Camp Mac Breakfast with assorted cereals!

Then we enjoyed some Taco Salad for Lunch!

And we ended the night with Fired Fish and Hushpuppies & Pizza Sticks and French Fries!



Skylar Crane caught 3 fish
Lyons Moore caught 4 fish
John Bloch caught 1 fish
Steven Beardsley caught 2 fish

Shooting Sports

John Carwie - 10 clays
Sam Carrol - 8 clays
Jack Mayhall - 9 clays
Beckett Maher - 13 clays
Lawson Gardner - 4 clays
Will Scholl - 9 clays
Simon Haughery - 2 clays
Alessandro Zunino -7 clays
Aiden Holmes - 9 clays

Caroline Carrington - 7 clays
Hollis Tate - 5 clays
Meg Schoen - 4 clays
Martha Ponder - 5 clays
Layla Mince - 8 clays
Sofia Rueda - 2 clays
Kate Moore - 5 clays
Frances Hodges - 3 clays


Today the boys came down and had a drop out competition and Robert Baird won!

Today at the Camp Mac Caddyshack, the girls were in full prep mode for tomorrow's Qualification Day. Soon we will know who will be playing in the Camp Mac Masters, and then those girls will compete for eternal glory and the coveted Green Shirt.


Passing 1st Class:
Manu Porter

Passing off EXPERT Tramps:
Cale Smith

Passing 3rd Class:
Zoe Russo

Passing off EXPERT Tramps:
Evelyn Baird


Today the kids went to the Climbing Wall!

For the Boys, Wiley Collins made it up 10 meters!

For the Girls, Blyhe Jacobs made it up the entire wall - 12 meters! And Emma Lou Giordano made it up 10 meters.

League Games

Today the girls had their Steak Championship Games!

On Court 1, Lauren's Lil Crisps yippee kayayed the Howdy Dowdies in a ground breaking, earth shaking, and floor quaking game of volleyball! For the Crisps, every player played like the children of sports Gods Erdman & AE. From the Dowdies, Valentino Rubio played in pure beast mode!

Over on Court 2, Roma's Ravioli and the 10 EG Peas in a Pod duked it out in for steaks in three intense sets of volleyball. The Raviolis knocked out the Peas in the third set! For the Peas, Morgan Horsley was all over the court. For the Ravioli, the whole team went off, but Lauren Carrington was a shining star!


Tonight our last year campers sang for us, and Joe Brown and Patrick Dowd gave our message.

Night Rec

Tonight for Night Rec, We Got...CIT CAMPFIRE!!!