July 29th 2019

Morning Activities


Tommaso Gaudio - 39
Chad Bonner - 35 & 38
David Lott - 35
Joe Brown - 35, 40, & 41
Hart James - 36 & 36
Nolan Shaver - 35
Passing Pro Marksman:
Thomas Lacy, Monroe Adams, Hank Stone, Tommaso Gaudio, Alessandro Zunino, Flynn Dickson, Michael Morgan, Hunter Franklin, Simon Haughery, Alex Ranik, & Jack Mayhall
Passing off Marksman:
Liam Baker, Skylar Crane, Johnathan Pollitt, & Olen Edwards
Passing off Marksman 1st Class:
David Giordano & Nolan Shaver

Participating in the Shoot-Out are:
Sophie Broutin
Layla Mince
Claire Pollitt
Chloe Rowe
Autumn Zwilling
Alice Wilbanks
Kate Moore
Kassidy Eastman

Joe Brown
Colin Snyder
Riley Lange
Patrick Dowd
Olen Edwards
Chad Bonner


Upper Lake
Kate Moore passed 2nd Class Skiing
Emily Dunn passed Expert Kneeboarding
Ellie Gribbin passed 1st Class Kneeboarding
Ceci Bowe passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Mac Jacobs passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding
Lauren Carrington passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding
Kate Wagner passed 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Evelyn Baird passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Sophie Broutin passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding

Lower Lake
Hollis Tate passed 2nd Class Skiing
Emma Lou Giordano passed 2nd Class Skiing
Virginia Otto was a First Time Skier
Coco Moore was a First Time Skier
Eva Zunino was a First Time Skier
Ann Everett Simon passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Amelia Crocker was a First Time Skier


Today the boys came over to the barn for some Barrel Racing & some Cow Soccer!
Rough Riders
Cow Soccer:
Caroline's Group - 18 points
Aba's Group - 33 points
Stuart's Group - 39 points

Barrel Racing:
3rd - Joe Brown on White Sox with 24.59 seconds
2nd - Riley Lange on White Sox with 24.54 seconds
1st - Cale Smith on Kitty with 27.62 seconds

Cow Soccer:
Caroline's Group - 21 points
Holland's Group - 24 points
Stuart's Group - 26 points

Barrel Racing:
3rd - Hank Stone on Weasley with 32.17 seconds
2nd - Philip Bove on Duke with 29.90 seconds
1st - Mac Otts on White Sox with 28.01 seconds

Cow Soccer:
Holland's Group - 0 points
Stuart's Group - 0 points
Aba's Group - 2 points

Barrel Racing:
3rd - Michale Helton on Kitty with 29.00 seconds
2nd - John Bloch on Radio with 28.88 seconds
1st - Manu Porter on White Sox with 25.3 seconds

Dining Hall

We started the day off right with some Camp Mac Breakfast with assorted cereals!

Then, we enjoyed Grilled Cheese and Chicken Nuggets for Lunch!

And we ended the day on a great note with some Spaghetti and Meatballs with Texas Toast!



Passing 3rd Class:
May Newman
Evelyn Baird
Mae Mae Druhan
Amelia Lacy
Ann Rollins Brown
Claudia Weisman
Lena Daly
Leisel Maher
Passing 2nd Class:
Leisel Maher
Amelia Lacy
Mae Mae Druhan
Evelyn Baird
Passing 1st Class:
Evelyn Baird
Sebelle Cagle

Passing 3rd Class:
Will Seifert
Monroe Adams
Manu Porter
Liles Garrett
Collin Webb
Liam Baker
Passing 2nd Class:
Monroe Adams
Liles Garrett
Liam Baker
Will Seifert
Passing 1st Class:
Monroe Adams
Passing off 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, & Expert all in ONE DAY:
David Giordano

Shooting Sports

Beckett Maher - 11 clays
Aiden Holmes - 8 clays
Will Scholl - 7 clays
John Carwie - 8 clays
Jack Mayhall - 9 clays
Lawson Gardner - 3 clays
Alessandro Zunino - 1 clay
Sam Carrol - 7 clays
Simon Haughery - 1 clay

Meg Schoen - 1 clay
Sofia Rueda - 1 clay
Martha Ponder - 2 clays
Layla Mince - 3 clays
Hollis Tate - 4 clays
Kate Moore - 4 clays
Caroline Carrington - 4 clays
Frances Hodges - 8 clays


Today at the Camp Mac CaddyShack, the boys and girls came down and learned the course and played some practice rounds.
Robert Baird won the Hole-In-One Contest with 3 holes-in-one!

Mallory Shaver had 5 holes-in-one
Page Bofenkamp got a 45 and a 48
Coco Moore had 5 holes-in-one
Caroline Snyder conquered the infamous 18th hole


Today at the Jackson M. Gross School for the Theory of Fishing, we went over the first pillar in the School of Fishing - patience.
John Bloch caught 3 fish
Hank Stone caught 3 fish
Lyons Moore caught a turtle

League Games

Today on Field 1, the Howdy Dowdies snapped Lauren's Lil Crisps winning streak. From the Dowdies, Emily Dunn hit the ball out of the park! For the Crisps, Caroline Carrington threw the ball like a champ!

Over on Field 2, EB's Broskies and Lucille's Ballers played an intense game of softball. In the end, EB's Broskies claimed the dub! From the Ballers, Livy Dunn played like an absolute stunner, and from the Broskies, Blythe Jacobs was all over the field!

Today down on the Soccer Field, the 10 EG Peas in a Pod demolished the Anacondas in a killer game of soccer. Coco Moore played terrifically, and Lena Daly played totally tubular!

In the Fortnite Battlefield, Roma's Ravioli tool the W against the Mamma Mias. For the Mama Mias, Kinleigh Freeman was like a sneaky thief in the night. For the Raviolis, Page Bofenkamp was sniping all over the field!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-3, and our speakers were Miller Simon and Layla Mince.

Night Rec

Tonight for Night Rec, We Got...SWIM MEET!

The girls and boys went up to the pool and battled it out in diving competitions, sprints, various relays, and a medley relay! It was a nail-biting competition, but the girls ended up victorious over the boys after an amazing comeback!