July 2nd 2021

Morning Activities


Today at Upper Lake, we had Robert Giordano pass off 3rd class wake boarding, and Parker Silsbee skied for the first time!
Down at Lower Lake, we had Grey Bias pass off 1st class skiing, Jimmy White pass off 1st class wake boarding, and Al Smyly pass off 2nd class kneeboarding! Also at Lower Lake, Lassiter Silsbee, got up on skis for the first time!

We're experiencing technical issues. The photos taken from boy's short pants day aren't available. We will continue our efforts to retrieve them and if we do we will post them. We've been fortunate this is the first issue we've had - technology Among the Pines can be unpredictable at best. We apologize. 


The girls came down to Riflery this morning, and here are their top scores of the day!
Mae LaCour-39
Ellie Mostellar-32
Bella Spear-35
Kate Huddle also passed off Pro-Marksman!
This week’s Next Top Artist for the Battle of the Bands was Will Vosburg!

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports, we had a Choice Day so every period did something a little different!
In first period, the Jedi and the Sith battled it out in some games of Bombardment, with Ian Baldassari, and Jack Bright as MVPs.
Then in 2nd period, we decided to play some basketball! Our MVPs for that period were John Martin, and Zach Cater.
Then finally in 3rd period, they played some more basketball, and our MVPs were Mason Lark, and Finley Montgomery.
Our winner of the WInna Winna Chicken Dinna of the day was Jimmy White!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games, we had Ultimate Water Front Day! This means we start at the Wet Willie and swim over to the Obstacle Course, then the Ice Berg and finally the Blob! We time each class to see who can get through everything the fastest! One team came in first with 18:06 minutes, and our other team took 34:56 minutes.
Our winner of the Ratta Tatta Win a Big Ole Cowboy Hatta was Marshall Cummings!



Yesterday at Adventure, the girls dropped in for an exciting game of air soft! Ro Dawson-Flanagin came out on top as the MVP.


We had a bunch of people pass off different classes at Tramps! We had Anderson Long, Mae LaCour, and Elizabeth Downey all pass off 3rd and 2nd class!!

Trail Carts

Today we played a game of "Cone Ranger!" Emma Lou Giordano hit 3 cones, Margaret Adkins hit 4 cones, Madison Yi hit 5 cones, and Mallory Shaver hit 3 cones!

League Games

So, the results are in, and we now know which teams will be competing for Steak Dinners!

For the Girl’s Junior Division: Mer’s Mighty Munchkins will play SK’s Air Conditioners in a game of Kickball!

For the Girl’s Senior Division: Claire’s Hillmoney Hillbillies will play Wheely’s Hot Wheels in a game of softball!

For the Boy’s Junior Division: Olen’s Oreos will play Dakota’s Titans in a game of newcomb!

For the Boy’s Senior Division: Jake’s Snakes will play Chris’s Rice Krispies in a game of softball!

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had French Toast with eggs, sausage, and toast. For lunch, we enjoyed some Chicken Nuggets and Grilled Cheese with the option of the salad bar. And we ended our day with Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Black-Eyed Peas, and Rolls with the option of the salad bar.  

Expert Cookout

Tonight, the campers who are still in the running to earning Expert Woodsman got to head over to the Horseback Arena for a cookout!


Tonight, our message was delivered by Blake Wheeler.

Tonight for Night Rec..

We had Courts for G-Zero, Lake, B-Zero, and Chinnabee and G-2, G-3, B-2, and B-4 were up at the Pool!