July 28th 2021

Morning Activities


Here are our high scores from riflery today!
Richard Delaney- 31,31,31,32
Andrew Westerkom- 30
Jay Delaney- 33, 30
Fred Carrington- 30
Mac Schoenvogel- 32
Eli Cannon- 34, 35
Cale Smith- 39, 37, 38
Jack Bakken- 35
Alex Green- 35
Charles Rowe- 30
Jack Newell- 44, 40
William Echols- 33, 35, 31
Then we had a bunch of people pass off some classes!
Roberts Law- Marksman
Fred Carrington- Pro Marksman
Erik Windness- Pro Marksman
Mac Schoenvogel- Pro Marksman
Holt Cannon- Pro Marksman
Manu Porter- Pro Marksman
We also announced who would be competing in the shoot out!
Cale Smith
Jack Newell
Jack Bakken
Eli Cannon
Jay Delaney


Today at Lower Lake we had Kate Bakken pass off 1st class kneeboarding, Claire Pollit pass off 3rd class wakeboarding! Then Sophia Ryals became a 1st time skier and passed off 3rd class skiing!!

Team Sports

We had a choice day at Team Sports where each period got to choose a game to play!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games we had Ultimate Waterfront Day for the girls!


Shooting Sports

Girl's Shooting Sports: The girls got to shoot at 10 clays! Here are their scores out of 10! Lulu Gribbin 3/10, Lanier Alves 5/10, Page Bofenkamp 2/10, Caroline Snyder 5/10, Margot Fite 8/10, and Sophie Broutin 5/10!

League Games

Today on Court 2, Mattie's Maggots squashed Layla's Leeches in an intense game of volleyball! From the Maggots, Lulu Gribbin played awesomely, and from the Leeches, Lanier Alves played great!

On Field 2, Inskeeping Up with the Kardashians beat EP's Peas in a Pod. From the Peas, Sophia Ryals played great, and from the Kardashians, Scarlett Hale played perfectly!

On Court 1, Alice's Allstars fought for the win against the "Get it Dunns" in an excruciating game of volleyball! From the Dunns, Margot Fite was on fire, and for the Allstars, Harper Wicking served aces only!!

On Field 1, Chloe's Roweboats beat out EGP's Empanadas in a game of kickball! On the Empanadas, Abigail Anderson played great, and from the Roweboats, Ginny Voss was the MVP!

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had Honeybuns, Sausage, Eggs, and Toast. For lunch, we had BLTs and Chips. For dinner, we had Hotdogs, Beans, Chips, and SMORES!!! 


Tonight for Night Rec

We got CAMPOUTS!!!