July 26th 2019

Morning Activities


Today was LAZY DAY! We didn't ring the morning bell, so everyone got to sleep in and take it easy this morning. The last year campers enjoyed their Ski Party and lunch down at the Cove, too!

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we gave the early risers Honey Buns!

For Lunch, we had BBQ Sandwiches and Tater Tots!

For Dinner, we had Chicken Tenders and Mashed Potatoes!



Virginia Otto caught 2 fish

Ann Rollins Brown caught a fish

Iliana Mays caught a fish

Shooting Sports


Baren Hayden - 1 clay
Olen Edwards - 12 clays
Colin Snyder - 10 clays
Garrett Hurst - 8 clays
Collin Webb - 12 clays
Patrick Dowd - 11 clays
Nolen Shaver - 10 clays

The boys shooting in the Shoot out tomorrow are Olen Edwards, Colin Snyder, Collin Webb, & Patrick Dowd


Gigi Myers - 9 clays
Livy Dunn - 11 clays
Grace Ennis - 2 clays
Olivia Anderson - 7 clays
Chloe Rowe - 8 clays
Alice Wilbanks - had a great time :)
Miller Simon - 2 clays
Kassidy Eastman - 3 clays

The girls shooting in the Shoot Out tomorrow are Gigi Myers, Livy Dunn, Olivia Anderson, & Chloe Rowe


Today was Airsoft Battle Royale day!

For the boys:

Cale Smith & Manu Porter won Partner Battle Royale twice!

Season 1 Gamers (Cale Smith, Johnathan Pollitt, Michael Helton, & Manu Porter) won the Squad Battle.

Cale Smith won the Solo Royale

For the girls:

Martha Ponder & Mallory Shaver won Partner Royale round 1.

Claudia Weisman, Mallory Shaver, & Whitney Collins won the Squad Battle


Today was Qualification Day. The girls came down and played to see if they are eligible to play in the Camp Mac Masters. After an intense qualification round, the following girls will have the honor of competing for eternal glory and the coveted Green Shirt:

Harper Maher
Lizzie Cummings
Eva Zunino



Spencer Otto passed 2nd Class

Thomas Portaci passed 1st Class

Mtn. Biking

Today, Wiley Collins went the highest up Killer Hill!

League Games

Today on the sizzling Field 1, the 10 EG Peas in a Pod danced all over the Mamma Mias. Claire Pollitt played like a young Lauren Walston, and Evelyn Baird played like a shooting star.

Over on Field 2, Roma's Ravioli cooked up the Anacondas. For the Anacondas, Katie Kirkpatrick played like a pro! For the Ravioli, May Newman played like she was serving up a 5-star dish!

On the dry soccer field, the Howdy Dowdies crushed Lucille's Ballers in a very intense game of soccer! For the Ballers, Margot Fite guarded the goal with her life, and for the Dowdies, Kassidy Eastman played like a young Alex Morgan.

Down on the virtual Fortnite realm of Fortnite dome, Lauren's lil Crisps murked EB's Broskies in a video game called Fortnite. From the Broskies, Kate Moore played swimmingly. From the Crisps, Savannah Rhodes played like a young Emily/Anna hype machine!

6 O'clock News

Tonight we recognized our 3rd year campers and announced party night court!

G-4: Ann Rollins Brown
G-3: Harper Maher
G-2: Julie Rai Hood
OAK: Zoe Russo
G-ZERO: Emma Lou Giordano
LAKE: Virginia Echols
B-5: Erik Wildness
B-3: Davis Kirkpatrick
B-2: William Echols
B-1: Garrett Hurst
CHEAHA: Will Scholl
B-ZERO: Joe Brown
Crown Bearer: Eva Zunino

The following campers passed their bug collection and will move on in becoming an Expert Woodsman:

Kate Moore
Miller Simon
Will Scholl
Alice Wilbanks


Tonight our choir was cabin Oakridge and our speaker was Matthew Rainer.

Night Rec

Junior Cabins

The Juniors were at the pool practicing for the Swim Meet!

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had 90s Night in the Rec Hall!