July 27th 2019

Morning Activities


Claire Pollitt - 39, 40, 38, 40, & passed off Marksman 1st Class
Sophie Broutin - 36, 43, 40, 39, 40, 41, & 43
Bea Wiggins passed off Marksman
Amelia Lacey passed off Pro Marksman
Olivia Anderson passed off Pro Marksman
Sophie Broutin - 45
Kassidy Eastman - 46
Layla Mince - 47
Kassidy Eastman - 48 (NEW HIGH OF THE SUMMER!)


Upper Lake
Patrick Dowd passed 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Beckett Maher passed 3rd & 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Joe Brown passed 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Jack Mayhall passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding
Sam Carroll passed 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Matthew Pennington passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding
Alex Banik passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding

Lower Lake
John Bloch was a First Time Skier
Erik Windness was a First Time Skier
Spencer Otto was a First Time Skier
David Lott passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding

Team Sports

Today the boys came down to the Dojo and played some Pillow Polo!
JV - AE's Aces beat Cherdman's Chickens 16-14. The MVPs were Jimmy Hunter & Will Seifert
Varsity - Cherdman's Full Senders beat AE's American Eagles 12-8. The MVPs were Aiden Holmes & Jack Mayhall
Rookies - Cherdman's Chipotle beat AE's Benchwarmers 5-4. The MVPs were Erik Windness & Mac Otts
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Robert Baird!!


Today was Cow Soccer and Barrel Racing Day!

Cow Soccer
Holland's Group - 20 points
Aba's Group - 32 points
Caroline's Group - 40 points
Stuart's Group - 26 points
Aba's Group - 8 points
Caroline's Group - 13 points
Rough Riders
Aba's Group - 25 points
Stuart's Group - 38 points
Holland's Group - 30 points

Barrel Racing
3rd - Kinleigh Freeman on Radio with 31.55 seconds
2nd - Izzy Charlton on Kitty with 30.16 seconds
1st - Lauren Carrington on Duke with 30.08 seconds
3rd - Mallory Shaver on Kitty with 27. 79 seconds
2nd - Katie Dyess on Radio with 26.65 seconds
1st - Mar Carter Culpepper on White Sox with 26.45 seconds
Rough Riders
3rd - Miller Simon on Duke with 22.54 seconds
2nd - Alice Wilbanks on Duke with 22.48 seconds
1st - Chloe Rowe on Kitty with 22.27 seconds

Fun & Games

It was Climbing Wall day! We had a competition to see how far the kids could climb in 45 seconds.
1st period - Will Scholl & James Dougherty both climbed up 7 panels in 45 seconds
2nd period - Beckett Maher made it up 8 panels in 45 seconds
3rd period - Hunter Franklin made it up 7 panels in 45 seconds
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Nolan Shaver!!

Dining Hall

We started the day with Camp Mac Breakfast with assorted cereals!

For Lunch, we had Chicken Fajitas with the option of a salad bar!

And we ended the day with Pizza & Wings!

Shooting Sports

Today was the Shoot Out for both boys and girls!
After a tough competition, the winners were Livy Dunn & Collin Webb!


It was a beautiful day for golf on the Camp Mac Augusta National Golf Course. The boys and the girls who qualified came down and played their hardest, but only two were given eternal glory being the Masters Champions.
For the girls, our champion was Harper Maher
For the boys, our champion was Jimmy Hunter
The two were awarded the coveted Green T-Shirt at 6 O'Clock News!

League Games

Today on Court 1, John's Manimals defeated Cooper's Cavemen in an epic battle of Newcomb. For the Cavemen, Pavel Pavlov played like a young Deneal Pavlov. For the Manimals, Tristan Cooper played like a young Bibb Albright.

Over on Court 2, the Mad Dogs cooked up Tilghman's Tater Tots in a ferocious game of Newcomb. From the Mad Dogs, Sam Prim had some lightning fast serves. From the Tots, Jimmy Hunter played like a pro!

Up on the first softball field, the Verified Schmidts wrecked Ethan's Supreme Patties in a nail-biting game of softball. Hart James played like the slugger Babe Ruth for the Schmidts, and Charles Reed played exceptionally swell for the Patties.

Down on the softball field far far away aka Field 2, Sam's Let's Get Jiggly defeated Bibb's Baby Bibs in the most intense game of softball ever played. For the Jigglies, Sam Carroll played like with fiery charisma. For the Bibs, Michael Helton played with athletic fever!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-2, and our speakers were Claire Abrams, Virginia Echols, and Sofia Rueda.

Night Rec