July 25th 2019

Morning Activities


Today was Bulls-Eye Bonanza Day!
Dudes - had a GREAT time!
Wranglers - White Team won with 5 Bulls-Eyes
Rough Riders -
Kinleigh Freeman passed off Pro Marksman
Evelyn Baird passed of Pro Marksman
Gigi Myers passed off Pro Marksman
Claire Pollitt - 37
Sophie Broutin - 42
Margot Fite - 37
Layla Mince - 36
Alice Wilbanks - 38
Emily Dunn - 43
Kate Moore - 40
Grace Ennis - 32


Upper Lake
Beckett Maher passed Expert Kneeboarding
Charles Reed passed 3rd & 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Liam Baker passed 3rd Class Skiing
Monroe Adams was a First Time Skier!!
Will Scholl passed 3rd & 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Thomas Lacey passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding

Lower Lake
Manu Porter passed 2nd Class Kneeboarding
Cale Smith passed Expert Wakeboarding
Tharpe Pettis passed Expert Kneeboarding
Erik Windess was a First Time Skier!!

Team Sports

Today was boys Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee Day!
JV - Collin Webb & Alex Banik were our World Cup Winners.
Varsity - Cherdman's Full Senders beat AE's American Eagles 16-10 in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. The MVPs were John Carwie and David Giordano.
Rookies - Hank Stone & Liam Baker were our Wold Cup Winners.
The winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Chad Bonner!!

Fun & Games

The guys came down and did the Ultimate Waterfront! We started at the Wet Willie and ended at the Blob & Rope Swing!

We timed everyone to see how quickly they could complete the course.
1st place - 2nd period with 22 minutes
2nd place - 3rd period with 28 minutes
3rd place - 1st period with 31 minutes
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Tharpe Pettis


Today was Water Polo Day! The boys came down and separated into teams, and they competed against each other after they learned all the rules.
The winning teams were:
Rookies - Silver Surfers
JV - For the Boys

Dining Hall

This morning we had French Toast for Breakfast!

For Lunch, we had delicious Taco Salad with the option of a salad bar!

And we ended the day with Pork Chops, Mac & Cheese, and Beans for Dinner!



The girls had some Knock Out Competitions.
Lizzie Cummings won once
Amelia Crocker won once
Sophia Sanders won twice

Shooting Sports

Beran Hayden -7 clays
Nolen Shaver - 6 clays
Colin Webb - 7 clays
Olen Edwards - 8 clays
Garrett Hurst - 11 clays
Patrick Dowd - 10 clays
Colin Snyder - 8 clays

Miller Simon - 2 clays
Chloe Rowe - 11 clays
Gigi Myers - 9 clays
Livy Dunn - 9 clays
Alice Wilbanks - 2 clays
Olivia Anderson - 5 clays
Grace Ennis - 7 clays
Kassidy Eastman - 2 clays


Everyone came up to the zipline and played some Balls of Glory!
For the boys:
Michael Peltan, Manu Porter, and Thomas Lacy all tied for first by catching 4 out of 6 balls
For the girls:
3rd - Whitney Collins, Katie Dyess, & Martha Ponder with 2 out 6 balls caught
2nd - Caroline Carrington with 3 out of 6 balls caught
1st - Mallory Shaver with all 6 balls caught


Ann Rollins Brown caught 5 fish
Savannah Rhodes caught a turtle
Virginia Echols caught a catfish
Virginia Otto caught a fish
Lena Daley caught a fish

League Games

Today on the scorching first court, Bibb's Baby Bibs cradled Ethan's Supreme Pattys in a great game of volleyball. For the Bibs, Alessandro Zunino's serves were on point! For the Pattys, David Giordano played like Scott Schulhofer on a wakeboard.

Up on Field 1, Cooper's Cavemen dominated Matthew's Mad Dogs in a fast-paced game of softball. Erik Windness played prehistoric for the Cavemen, and David Lott played impressively for the Mad Dogs.

Over on the dusty Field 2, Tilghman's Tater Tots hunted Joe's Manimals in a tense game of softball. For the Tater Tots, Maddox Brown played like a G6, and for the Manimals, Billy Pharo played like a Cardwell.

Today on the Battlefield, Sam's "Let'sGet Jiggly" belly flopped on the Verified Schmidts in a 4-1 game of Fortnite. For the Schmidts, Luis Rubio played with sarcastic fire, and for the Jigglies, Aiden Holmes played with flopping intensity.

6 O'clock News

3 Year Shirts!

Tonight we recognized our 4th year campers!


Tonight our choir was cabin G-Zero, and Carolyn Cowper delivered our Throwback Thursday message!

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

The Seniors were at the pool practicing for the Swim Meet!

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had 90s Night in the Rec Hall!