July 25th 2023

Morning Activities


Today at Riflery, the girls came down to the Range for Pass-Off Day and shot some high scores.

Mary Manning Harper - 31, Passed off Marksman
Jacqueline Stubbs - 31, 40, 39, Passed off Pro Marksman
Lillian Rizk - 36
Katherine Stubbs - 32, 40, 36, Passed off Pro Marksman
Marley McKinney - 31, 41, 36, 30, 35, 37, Passed off Pro Marksman
Stella Marx - 38
Hunter Connolly - 35, Passed off Pro Marksman
Martha Westerkom - 31
Addie Bradshaw - 32, Passed off Pro Marksman
Abby Drew Smith - 30, Passed off Pro Marksman
Sloane Grijalva - 31, 36
Rylie Wheeler - 31
Harper Africk - 33, Passed off Pro Marksman

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports, we played some Basketball with the boys. In 1st period with JV, Tilghman’s Team won our 5v5 matchup, and our Knockout winner was Reid Mcelheny. In 2nd period with Varsity, Julia’s Team won in 5v5 and Walker White won Knockout. In 3rd period with the Hotshots, Julia’s Team won the 5v5 game again, and Gaines Kinney won Knockout twice.

The winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Rowan Falkson!


Today at Lower Lake Skiing, we had a blast! Today’s First Time Skiers were Doug Mills, Davis Kirkpatrick, and Joseph Bernstein!

Lyle Shehi - Passed off 3rd Class Skiing
Henry Muscat - 1st Class Skiing
Rowan Falkson - 3rd Class Skiing
Andrew Cox - 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Ham Sosebee - 3rd Class Skiing

Today at Upper Lake, we also had a lot of kids pass off classes with 4 First Time Skiers as well! Grayson Smith, Thomas Van Hauen, Goodwin Wos, and Eli Bernstein all got up on skis for the first time today!

Walter Jordan - 2nd Class Skiing
Philip Love - 2nd Class Skiing
George Sigman - 2nd Class Skiing
Gaines Kinney - 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Joseph Rhodes - 3rd Class Kneeboarding
Henry Swann - 2nd Class Wakeboarding
Charlie Boiles - 1st Class Wakeboarding

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games, the boys came down and competed ion the Camp Mac Scavenger Hunt. In 1st period, Coleman Klecker and Charlie Dowd finished first. In 2nd period, Doug Mills and Lochlan Huffman won. Lastly, in 3rd period, Davis Kirkpatrick and John Weiss finished first.



Today at Girls Putt-Putt, we played a Knockout Tournament and our winner was Mary Reid Marti!

Today at Boys Putt-Putt, we had a Green and White Tournament and our winner was the Green Team, consisting of Rhett Dudley, Ham Sosebee, Davis Hart, Henry Frerman, and Drew Peele!


Today at Boys Tramps, we had an awesome time passing off some classes.

Smith Wilbanks - 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class
George Sigman - 3rd and 2nd Class
Henry Muscat - 3rd Class
Anderson King - 3rd Class
Walker White - 3rd Class
Mac Smith - 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class
Grayson Mills - 3rd Class
Richard Kinney - 3rd and 2nd Class
Warner Sheppard - 3rd and 2nd Class
Joseph Rhodes - 3rd Class
Grayson Smith - 3rd and 2nd Class

Today at Girls Tramps, we also had a pretty great day.

Katherine Stubbs - 2nd Class
Ann Clark Fleming - 3rd Class
Appie McMurphy - 2nd Class
Hadley Meyer - 2nd Class
Bess Whitten - 2nd Class
Liv Cowart - 2nd Class
Annie Law - 2nd Class
Olivia Iverson - 2nd Class
Louisa Hale - 2nd Class


Today at Tennis, we played some Queen of the Court and Cricket in the Cage. Our Queen of the Court winner was Jacqueline Stubbs, and Lizzie Grace Jefferies won Cricket in the Cage.

Shooting Sports

Today during Electives, the boys came on down to the Shooting Range to shoot some clays.

Evan Summers - 15/24 clays
Fred Carrington - 7/24
Liam Baker - 13/24
Liles Garrett - 7/24
Guy Bradley - 7/24
Will Sedenik - 16/24
Elijah Armbrester - 6/24
Walter Jordan - 15/24

The Girls also came on down to the Range to test their shot and hit some clays.

Cadence Harvey - 8/20
Maggie McLeod - 4/20
Callie Davis - 5/20
Mary Carter Borman - 6/20
May Newman - 8/20
Ryleigh Adams - 4/20

League Games

Today on the Heated Court 1, the Otto Bots beat Gray’s Anatomy Season 3 in a dramatic fashion. From the Otto Bots, Liam Baker played like a young Jimmy White. From the Anatomy, Anderson King played like a world class surgeon.

With Will Kell himself courtside, Jimmy and Jack’s Jazzers knocked off Pinel’s Poppin Purple Penguins in a nail munching Volleyball battle. For the Jazzers, Mac Smith played like Prime Wilt Chamberlain. From the Poppin Purple Penguins, Philip Bove played electrifyingly swell.

On the Heated Field 1, Boatright’s Big Steppas finish out the season on top in an intense game of Softball. On the Steppas, Fred Carrington carried, and on the Corndogs Hudson Brogan played swell. 

On Field 2, Coopa’s Troopas beat the Echols in an exciting game of Softball. From the Echols, Henry Muscat played like a fresh hot pocket. From the Troopas, Webb Bristow played like the Super Duper Trooper.

From the Dining Hall This morning, we had Bacon, Eggs, Grits, Biscuits, and Assorted Cereals. For lunch, we had Chicken Sandwiches with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, and Potato Chips. For Dessert, we had Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And to end the day, we cooked Hot Dogs and Baked Beans over the fire and had Potato Chips to go with it. For Dessert, we roasted S'Mores over the fire. 

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Campouts!