July 22nd

Morning Activities


Today at Swimming, we had a Treading Water Contest. Our winner was David Albright!


Today at Horseback, we had fun playing Cow Soccer and competing in Barrel Races!

The top Barrel Racing times were:

Rough Riders
Lauren Walston, 21.90, riding Chuck
Branham Hewes, 21.73, riding Weasley
Meg Goodrum, 20.57, riding Duke

Kate Moore, 22.47, riding Weasley
Mady Jones, 22.40, riding Commanche
Ana Warner, 22.26, riding Abdul

Sophie Broutin, 28.53, riding Abdul
Mallory Shaver, 28.25, riding Duke
Hollis Tate, 27.59, riding Duck


Today at Skiing, we had lots of fun at doubles day!


Today at Tennis, everyone had a great time earning points for their country team! The running totals were announced at 6 O'clock News:

China - 70
Colombia - 130
Italy - 90

China - 40
Colombia - 115
Italy - 100

From the Dining Hall

Today, for breakfast, we had Chocolate Chip Muffins, Bacon, Bagels, Juice, Milk, and Assorted Cereal. For lunch, we had BBQ Sandwiches, Brisket, Tater Tots, a Salad Bar, PB&J, and Rice Krispy Treats for dessert. For supper, we had Dominoes Pizza, Wings, a Salad Bar, and PB&J.


Putt Putt

Today we went on over to the Camp Mac Country Club and had our annual Masters Tournament. The winner was Meg Goodrum!

Skeet Shooting

Today we had our Final Shootout. The winners of the week were: Marguerite Sprain and Corbin Beal.


Tonight our choir was G-Zero, and our speakers were Lauren Walston, Anna Rowe, and Sibley Powell.

Tonight, for Night Rec, We Got...

Party Night!!!

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