July 21st 2019

USA Flags

USA Flag Bearers

G-4 - Kate Bakken

G-3 - Izzy Boehm

G-2 - Claire Pollitt

OAK - Mary Carter Culpepper

G-ZERO - Hollis Tate

LAKE - Kate Moore

B-5 - Liles Garrett

B-3 - Mac Otts

B-2 - Hunter Franklin

B-1 - Charlie Stokes

CHEAHA - David Giordano

B-ZERO - Olen Edwards

Flag Raisers - Alice Wilbanks & Colin Snyder

State Flags

State Flag Bearers

Alabama - Evelyn Baird

Bicentennial - Liam Baker

California - Kate Kirkpatrick

Colorado - Steven Beardsley

Florida - Chad Bonner

Georgia - Lena Daley

Italy - Tommaso Gaudio

Louisiana - Patrick Dowd

Maryland - Turner Allen

Mississippi - Sebelle Cagle

North Carolina - Kate Wagner

New York - Charles Rowe

Russia - Pavel Pavlov

Tennessee - Pippa Caneer

Texas - Sam Prim

Virginia - Iliana Mays

Wyoming - Claudia Weisman

Sunday School

Today, our music was provided by Lucie Flowers, and our speaker was Carolyn Cowper!

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we started the day with Biscuits & Gravy!

For Lunch, we had Ham or Turkey Sandwiches and chips with the option of a salad bar!

And we ended the day with Pot Roast!


After Sunday School, the All-Stars (last year campers), CITs, JCs, and Senior Staff battled it out on the volleyball court!

We snapped a few pics and shot a lot of video of Volleyball Sunday that will be included in the end of term video! Everyone is excited to see it!

Night Rec

Tonight for Night Rec, We Got...MOVIE NIGHT!!!

The girls watched The Secret Life of Pets!

The boys watched Boss Baby!