July 20th 2019

Morning Activities


Today was Shot in the Dark Day for the girls! The winning teams from each period were:

Dudes - Blue Team with 23 shots in the dark

Rangers - Red Team with 42 shots in the dark

Rough Riders - Blue Team with 44 shots in the dark

Also, we had girls pass off classes and hit some high scores

Lauren Carrington - 30

Harper Maher - 38

Kinleigh Freeman - 36

Valentina Rubio passed off Pro Marksman

Sarah Neal Depiano - 30, 32, & passed off Pro Marksman

Sophie Broutin passed off Marksman

Rachel Bethke - 39 & 36

Layla Mince - 37 & 34

Autumn Zwilling - 41 & 40

Lily Dunn - 37


Upper Lake

Nolan Shaver passed 1st Class Skiing

Olen Edward passed off 2nd Class Kneeboarding

First Time Skiers!!!

Pavel Pavlov and Skylar Crane

Lower Lake

Caven Burdick passed 3rd Class Wakeboarding

Tharpe Pettis passed 1st Class Kneeboarding

Maddox Brown passed 2nd Class Wakeboarding

Charlie Stokes passed 3rd Class Kneeboarding

First Time Skiers!!!

Flynn Dickson & Will Seifert

Team Sports

The guys came down to the Dojo and learned the rules to volleyball and newcomb! After learning the rules, we got to play at the end of each period.

JV - AE’s Aces beat Cherdman’s Chickens in Blind Newcomb 8-6. The MVPs were Wiley Collins and Maddox Brown

Varsity - Cherman’s Full Senders beat AE’s American Eagles too much to not enough in Blind Volleyball. The MVPs were Joe Brown and Chad Bonner

Rookies - AE’s Benchwarmers beat Cherdman’s Chacos 15-9 in Blind Newcomb. The MVPs were John Bloch and Robert Baird

And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Hart James!!

Dining Hall

We started the day off right with Doughnuts and assorted cereals.

For Lunch, we had Fried or Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with the option of a salad bar.

And we ended the day with Pizza & Wings with ice cream for dessert!


Shooting Sports

Today the kids came over to the range and the select few mentioned yesterday competed in the Camp Mac Shoot Out! After two tough battles, eight campers entered but only two campers came out on top.

For the boys,

4th - Riley Lange

3rd - Hart James

2nd - Joe Brown

And the champion was Cale Smith

For the girls,

4th - Claire Abrams

3rd - Rachel Bethke

2nd - Virginia Echols

And the champion was Emily Dunn


Today at the Camp Mac Augusta National Golf Course, three ladies competed for eternal glory and the coveted Green T-Shirt. After a nail-biting round of golf, Mary Carter Culpepper was named our Masters Champion. It was indeed a beautiful day for golf!

Also, Herrin Tate, Meryl Dubroc, and Ellie Gribbin won the Drop-Out Competitions!


Today was Airsoft Battle Royale!

Lawson Gardner and Sam Carroll won Partner Battle Royale twice

Sam Carroll and Lawson Gardner also both won a round of Solo Battle Royal

League Games

Today on Court 2, Bibb’s Baby Bibs came up with the dub in the most intense game of volleyball ever played against Sam’s Let’s Get Jiggly. From the Bibs, Beran Hayden came up clutch with his serves! For the Jigglies, Sam Carroll played like he way getting paid.

Up on Field 1 in an absolutely stellar match, John’s Manimals defeated Cooper’s Cavemen. Will Seifert played like a young Brady Meadows for the Manimals, and Hunter Franklin played like a boss for the Cavemen.

Over on Field 2, The Mad Dogs absolutely fried the Tatertots in a blowout game of softball. For the Mad Dogs, Mac Shoenvogel played swimmingly. For the Tatertots, John Bloch played swell!

Down in the Battlefield, the Verified Schmidts 360 no-scoped Ethan’s Supreme Patties. Nolan Shaver played like a season one veteran for the Schmidts, and Lawson Gardner went into beast mode for the Patties.


Tonight our choir was cabin G-2, and our speaker was Roma Pirnie!

Night Rec

Tonight for Night Rec, We Got...TALENT NIGHT!!!