July 22nd 2019

Morning Activities


Today was Shot in the Dark Day for the boys!! The winning teams from each class were:

Dudes - Red Team with 28 shots in the dark

Wranglers - White Team with 46 shots in the dark

Rough Riders - White Team with 4 shots in the dark

The guys still hit some high targets during the competition

Hunter Franklin - 35

Lyons Moore - 32 & 33

Liam Baker - 36 & 34

Joe Brown - 40 & 42 (High of the Term!!)

Lawson Gardner - 30

Aiden Holmes - 32


Upper Lake

Passing off 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
Autumn Zwilling
Mae Mae Druhan
Pippa Caneer
Whitney Collins

Passing off 3rd Class Skiing:
Sofia Rueda
Virginia Echols
Bea Wiggins
Martha Ponder
Evelyn Baird

Passing off 2nd Class Skiing:
Ellie Gribbin

Passing off 1st Class Skiing:
LuLu Gribbin

Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding:
Whitney Collins

Lower Lake

Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding:
Emma Lou Giordano
Caroline Carrington
Gigi Myers

Passing off 2nd Class Kneeboarding:
May Newman

Passing off 2nd Class Skiing:
Meg Shoen

First Time Skier!!
Kassidy Eastman

Fun & Games

The ladies came over to the Waterballoon Battlefield and had a blast!

1st period - Team Awesome Savage beat Sarah's Sour Patch Kids 10-8 in a water balloon battle.

2nd period - Bennett's Barefoot Burping Not Boys beat Fairsparkle's Orange Avocados 25-21 in water balloon newcomb. Then, Bennett's Koala Town beat the Mamma Mias 2-1 in a battle.

3rd period - The Winners beat The Ana Bananas 15-3 in a water balloon battle.

And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta goes to Sofia Rueda!!


Today was Jean Day for the girls! They learned how to turn their jeans into an emergency floatation device. At the end of each class, we had a treading water competition and the winners were:

Rookies - Ellie Gribbin

JV - Mary Carter Culpepper

Varsity - Alice Wilbanks

Also in Varsity, they did the Australian Relay and Cowper's Team won

Dining Hall

We started the morning out with Camp Mac Breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, sausage, toast) and assorted cereals.

For Lunch, we had Hamburgers and French Fries with Chocolate Cookies.

And we ended the day with Chicken Alfredo with Cheesy Breadsticks.


Mountain Biking

Five boys came out to the shed today, and all of them passed the trail test!! Now they can go out and ride around more trails around camp!

Shooting Sports


Olen Edwards - 4 clays

Patrick Dowd - 5 clays

Colin Snyder - 9 clays

Beran Hayden - 3 clays

Garrett Hurst - 8 clays

Colin Webb - 7 clays


Livy Dunn - 2 clays

Miller Simon - 2 clays

Olivia Anderson - 4 clays

Chloe Rowe - 5 clays

GiGi Myers - 2 clays

Alice WIlbanks - 2 clays

Grace Ennis - 1 clay

Kassidy Eastman - had a great time :)


Today was Ultimate Kayaking Day!!

The KaYAKers (hand clap) defeated the Bananas 1-0



Passing 3rd Class:
Billy Pharo
Pavel Pavlov
Turner Allen
Thomas Portacci
Grayson Zwilling
Erik Windness
Hank Stone
Tristan Cooper

Passing 2nd Class:
Pavel Pavlov
Turner Allen
Thomas Portacci
Grayson Zwilling
Erik Windness
Hank Stone
Tristan Cooper


Passing 3rd Class:
Mac Jacobs
Lauren Carrington
Ella Stone
Chloe Fasanello
Mary Laslie Pike
CeCi Bove
Meryl Dubroc

Passing 2nd Class:
Ella Stone
Mac Jacobs
CeCi Bove
Lauren Carrington
Meryl Dubroc

League Games

Today on the hot Court 1, EB's Broskis and Lucille's Ballers played an intense game of volleyball. In the end, the Broskis came out with the win. For the Broskis, GiGi Myers played like an absolute bro! For the Ballers, Alice Wilbanks played like a young Aba Frazier.

Over on the shady Court 2, Lauren's Lil Crisps beat Sarah's Howdy Dowdies in a great game of volleyball. Iliana Mays played like a D1 athlete for the Lil Crisps, and Layla Mince played like a boss for the Howdy Dowdies.

Down on the soccer field, Roma's Raviolis muted the Mamma Mias in a crazy game of soccer. From the Mamma Mias, Mac Jacobs was all over the field. From the Raviolis, Lauren Carrington was lights out!!

Today in the Thunderdome aka the Fortnite Battlefield, the 10 EG Peas in a Pod defeated the Anacondas. Izzy Charlton dominated the battle zone, and Kate Wagner made some great kills.


Tonight our choir was cabin G-3, and our speakers were Lucy Evans and Ella Townsend.

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

The Seniors had Rec Hall!

Junior Cabins

The Juniors had Tall Tales!