July 2nd 2018

Morning Activities


Joe Joe Mahfet - 32.
Charlie Walker - 38.
Tav Shaffer - 36, 34.

McNeil Mostellar - 35 & passed off marksman.
Cooper Kennedy - 31 (sitting), 35 (sitting), 41 (sitting), 34, 34, 30, & passed off marksman (sitting).
Henry Sullivan - passed off pro marksman.
Whitman Rikard - passed off pro marksman.
Colin Mastow - passed off pro marksman.
Webb Bennett - passed off pro marksman.

Will Adkins - 39, 37, 37.
Ethan Yi - 37, 33, 35.
Branden Huff - 42, 38, 36, 33, 39, 37, & passed off marksman first class.
Chris Price - 40.

Rough Riders:
Rylan Pettus - 37 (sitting), & passed off marksman (sitting).
Preston Kennedy - 30 (sitting), 30 (sitting), & 41.
Hudson Tucker - 35 (sitting), 31, 35, 33, & passed off marksman (sitting).
Will Harris - 31 (sitting), 36, & passed off marksman (sitting).
Joe Druhan - 38, 33.
Riley Christ - 36, 34, 33, & 32.
Cooper Long - 33
Mason Victory - 39, 37, 35, & 33.


Upper Lake:
Hadley Harris passed off third class skiing.
Grace Mahfet passed off third class wakeboard.


Today at Horseback, they had some barrel racing.
Rough Riders:
1st: Mason Victory on Weasley, 22.14 sec.
2nd: Jackson Pipkin on Chuck, 22.66 sec.
3rd: Cooper Wyatt on Radio, 22.74 sec.

1st: Charlie Wright on Weasley, 24.99 sec.
Griffin Albright on Duck, 25.10 sec.
Joe Joe Mahfet on Duke, 25,35 sec.
Anton Socia on White Sox, 22.97 sec.
Cade Hudson on Duke, 23.88 sec.
Boon Bickerstaff on White Sox, 26.23 sec.
Barr Chavers on White Sox, 22.12 sec.
Will Adkins on Duke, 23.17 sec.
Yates Holley on 23.27 sec.

Team Sports

Today, we played Capture the Chicken. Here are each periods winners & MVPs:

Rookies: Trey’s Team MVP: Ellen Druhan.
Jayvee: Trey’s Team MVP: Julia Wiedmer.
Varsity: Sarah’s Team MVP: Kathleen O’Neal.
Hotshots: Trey’s Team MVP: Sophia Lanier.

From the Dining Hall

This morning we woke up and Camp Mac Breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese grits, and buttered toast), fresh fruit, juice, milk, and assorted cereals. For lunch, we had chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, potato chips, PB&J, a salad bar, and chocolate pudding for dessert. For dinner, we had chicken tenders, corn, mashed pinto beans, and yeast rolls. A salad bar and peach cobbler was available.

Afternoon Activities



Austin Butler passed off junior bowman.
Wesley Smith passed off junior bowman arrow.
Whitman Rikard passed off bowman.
Dakota Longshore passed off bowman first rank.

Maddy Smith passed off junior yeoman.
Reagan Christ passed off junior yeoman arrow.
Evie Tuten passed off yeoman.

Shooting Sports

Cooper Wyatt shot 19/30.
Fin Marcato shot 18/30.
Joe Druhan shot 14/30.
Jack Miller shot 16/30.
Mason Victory shot 13/30.
Cooper James shot 16/30.

Sophie Dishman shot 8/22.
Kate Wallace shot 6/22.
Ella Gehring shot 13/22.
Maggie Maley shot 4/22.
Chloe Shaffer shot 7/22.
Elizabeth Kell (Chippy) shot 3/22.
Julie Wiedmer shot 4/22.


Ellen Druhan caught one fish.
EB Maultsby caught two fish. One died during hook removal, but was able to be revived.

League Games

Today, the girls had they're League Games championship games to compete for the Steak Dinner!

Court 1, Maiya’s Fiya Papayas faced off in an insanely intense game against the Cayden Camerons. The Papayas took the dub, and Nancy Laughbaum led the team to victory. From the Cayden Camerons, Mary Jack Gordon was a cool cat.

Court 2, There’s Snow Losing brought the blizzard to Camp Mac in the most intense game of newcomb against Champy’s Champs. From the Champ’s, Ashley Costello played like a champ. From There’s Snow Losing, Maddie Smith played like the abominable snowman.

Cabin Time

While the girls were playing League Games, the boys had Cabin Time!

B-5 went to the Bucking Bull.
B-4 went to the Wet Willie.
B-3 went to the Blob.
B-2 went to the Pool.
B-1 went to the Iceberg.
Chinnabee went to the Sky Rider
B-0 had Rappelling.


Tonight, Our speakers were Ally Richards & Emily Brewer. Rosemary Gross played guitar.

Tonight For Night Rec, We Got...

Junior Cabins

The juniors had Rec Hall!

Senior Cabins

The seniors had Coke Night!

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