July 1st 2019

Morning Activities


Today at Upper Lake and the Order of the Catfish, it was a beautiful sunny day for some skiing!
Passing off 2nd Class Wakeboarding:
Charlotte Robbins
Grace Mahfet
Passing off 3rd Class Wakeboarding:
Sophia Lanier
Passing off 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
Alice Kate Krawczyk
Julia Ronning
Passing off 3rd Class Skiing:
Eleanor Finkle

At L Squared Institution for Observing the Rough Riders All-Day had yet another wonderful morning!
Passing off 2nd Class Wakeboarding:
Kate Moreland
First Time Skier!!
Kate Kingsmill


Mack Marston - 38
Tav Shaffer - 44 (Boys High of the Summer!)
Gray Bias - 39
Will Fielder - 42
Andrew Wallace - 36
Baden Wallace - 36
Marshall Cummings passed off Pro Marksman

Team Sports

Today at the Dojo, the ladies came down and played some flag football!
JV - Erdman's Earwax and AE's Sicko Monkeys tied 24-24. The MVPs were Madison Yi and Ellie Mostellar
Varsity - AE's IOUs beat Erdman's Durags 12-0. The MVP was Julia Wiedmer
Rookies - AE's Sunscreen (Because We Block Out All the Haters) beat Erdman's Eyebrows 30-18. The MVP was Alice Kate Krawczyk
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Madison Yi!

Fun & Games

Today, the girls came down and played Sprouts!
1st period - Caroline Peebles won 3 times!
2nd period - everyone played great!
3rd period - Sophie Robbins won!
And the winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta is Campbell Long!

Wilderness Skills

Today the boys hiked down to Salt Creek Falls! They swam at the bottom, jumped off the rock, and had a great time!


The Rough Rider boys came over and had their all-day Horseback trip!


Today was Lifeguard Day for the girls! They learned how to successfully save someone in times of trouble in the water. The girls also had a Glide Competition and a Trick Shot Competition!
Hayden Wiard, Archer Adams, and Madison Fedler won the Glide Competition
Mary Jack Gordon, Kate Wheeler, and Elizabeth Kell won the Trick Shot Competition.

Dining Hall

This morning, we started the day with Pancakes!

For lunch, we had Roast Beef Sandwiches with Fritos!

And we ended the day with Meatballs and Gravy!



Passing 3rd Class:
Brock Wallace
Gibson Bradley
Conner Burnett
Hampton Long
Graham Ward
Pierce Horton
Passing off 2nd Class:
Gibson Bradley

Passing off 3rd Class:
Catherine Younger
Emerson Derlham
Mary Drue Cobb
Ro Dawson-Flanigan
Passing off 2nd Class:
Mary Drue Cobb
Catherine Younger

Shooting Sports

Today the boys came down and started off with a bang!

Spencer Marston - 16 clays
John Martin - 7 clays
Will Fiedler - 5 clays
Baden Wallace - 11 clays
Barr Chavers - 7 clays
Zach Carter - 8 clays
JD Lewis - 10 clays


Today at boys Adventure, the fellas adventured down to Lower Lake and played some Ultimate Kayaking. After an intense game, the Angus's and Zach's Hairy Backs tied 1-1. To settle it, we had a sudden death rock paper scissors match, and the Zach's Hairy Backs were victorious.

The ladies came down for some Ultimate Kayaking as well! "Team 2" played against the Squishy Earlobes. After rounds of stellar kayaking skills, the Squishy Earlobes came out with the W.


Today down on the trusty Camp Mac Tennis Courts, we played some Skittles and Cricket in the Cage. The winner of Skittles was Kate Wheeler, and the winners of Cricket int the Cage were Claire Hillman and Kate Wheeler!

League Games

Today on the extra hot Court 1, West Virginia's Mountain Mamas made a huge comeback against Ada's Horses. From the Horses, Kate Wheeler played like a free bare back horse. From the Mountain Mamas, Anne Roberds played like an absolute BEAST

Over on the pine tree shaded Court 2, Ponyo herself, magic eraser in hand, hand scrubbed Dophie's Dishwashers. From the Dishwashers, Julia Wiedmer played like an actually athletic Madison Mize. From Ponyo, Kate Kingsmill played like Mary Nall.

Up on the hot Field 1, MK's All the Ways sauced Riker's Strikers! From the All the Ways, Ellie Mostellar played like hot sauce, and Eden Hubbard super swell for the Strikers.

Down on the gnatty Soccer Field, Adeline's Super Saucy Sandwiches swept Sarah Parker's Peter Parkers in a great game of soccer. From Adeline's team, Caroline Peebles played like a better Allie Peebles. From the Peter Parkers, Anna Harrison McGee played like a young Sarah Parker herself

Today on the Fortnite Battle Field, Cayden's Grillz defeated Chloe's Macaroni in a nail biting game of Fortnite. From the Macaronis, Stella Crane played like a young Donavan Crane, and Madison Yi played like a young Lukas Yi for the Grillz!


Tonight our choir was Cabin G-3, and our speaker was Bennett Griffin.

Night Rec

Senior Cabins

Seniors had 90s Night in the Rec Hall!

Junior Cabins

Juniors had free swim at the Pool!