July 2nd 2019

Morning Activities


Anna Harrison McGhee passed off Pro Marksman
Ro Dawson-Flanagin passed off Pro Marksman
Madison Yi shot a 40 and passed off Marksman 1st Class
Lily Brown shot a 36


Today at Upper Lake and the Half-(Sun) Burned Prince, the guys came up and had a great day skiing around the lake!
Passing off 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
Conner Burnett
Mack Pinel
Dakota Longshore
Passing off 2nd Class Kneeboarding:
Hails Austin
Passing off 3rd Class Skiing:
Hampton Long
First Time Skier!!
Gibson Bradley

Down at L Squared Institution for Generating Sufficient Surface Tension at Raised Velocities, the guys also had a blast passing off classes and hanging out on the lake.
Passing off 1st Class Kneeboarding:
Caven Burdick
Graham Sims
Max Ronning
Passing off 3rd Class Kneeboarding:
McNeill Robinson
Passing off 1st Class Wakeboarding:
Charlie Magid
Passing off 2nd Class Wakeboarding:
John Martin

Team Sports

The boys came down to the Dojo and played some flag football!
JV - Wakanda beat Erdman’s Attractive Hair 63-56. MVPs were Zach Carter and Webb Bennett
Varsity - Erdman’s Dad Bods beat 28-21. MVPs were Ben Arnold and Yates Holley
Rookies - AE’s Anteaters and Erdman’s Education tied 21-21. MVPs were Max Ronning and Hampton Long
And the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna goes to Brandon Huff!

Wilderness Skills

Today it was the girls turn to hike down to Salt Creek Falls! They swam at the bottom, jumped off the rock, and had a great time!


The ladies had their All-Day Horseback Trip! They ventured across the dam to main camp and enjoyed themselves riding around all morning!

Dining Hall

This morning, we started the day with Pancakes!

For lunch, we had Roast Beef Sandwiches with Fritos!

And we ended the day with Meatballs and Gravy!



Passing off 2nd Class:
Max Montgomery
Pierce Horton
Hampton Long
Passing off 1st Class:
Gibson Bradley
Mack Marston
Passing off Expert!!!
Jake Magid

Passing off 2nd Class:
Emerson Denham
Passing off 1st Class:
Catherine Younger
Passing off Expert!!!
Caroline Peebles
Mary Drue Cobb

Shooting Sports

Baden Wallace - 13 clays
Spencer Marston - 13 clays
JD Lewis - 9 clays
Barr Chavers - 10 clays
Will Fiedler - 8 clays
Zach Carter - 5 clays
John Martin - 8 clays

Julia Wiedmer - 1 clays
Mary Jack Gordon - 7 clays
Reese Farrell - 7 clays
Mary Eason Robinson - 8 clays
Evie Tuten - 2clays
Sutton Dodd - 2 clays
Caroline Calhoun - 1 clay

League Games

Today on Court 1, Robert’s Boberts slipped their way to victory against Lukas and Slade’s Slippery Salamanders. From the Boberts, Angus James played like a beast, and Charlie Magid played like a superior Magid for the Salamanders

Over on the half-shaded Court 2, Becdach’s Becdads shut down Hudson and Jackson’s Cutie Pies. From the Becdads, Web Bennett played like a younger & more athletic Slade Bennett

Up on Field 1, Scott’s Mason Jars defeated Preston’s Team in an amazing game of softball. From the Mason Jars, Jake Magid played like a young Usain Bolt. From Preston’s Team, Jimmy White played great

Down on the Battlefield, Will Kell’s Will Kells secured the dub in an epic game of Fortnite against Joe’s Toes. For the Toes, Will Adkins played like a young Will Kell dreaming of being an older Will Kell. From the Will Kells, JD Lewis had a spectacular kill to death ratio.


Night Rec