June 30th 2019

Sunday School

Our special guest was Hannah Mancer Pearson along with her husband, Cole, and their 8 month-old son, Samuel! Hannah spent 9 summers Among The Pines as a camper and counselor. She reminded us that we are all created differently, each with a special purpose and how God shows us this through the beauty that surrounds us while we’re at camp.

Our special music was by Rosemary Gross.

Flag Bearers

G-4: Caroline Wyatt
G-3: Clarkie Wilkinson
G-2: Rhea Mostellar
G-1: Julia Ronning
G-Zero: Sadie Leland
Lake: Elizabeth Kell
B-4: Basil Zafiris
B-3: Benji Sokol
B-2: Andrew Wallace
B-1: Rylan Wingo
Chinnabee: JD Lewis
B-Zero: Sig James
Flag Raisers: Sarah Inskeep & Whitman Rikard

Dining Hall

For Breakfast, we started the day off with Camp Mac Breakfast, leftover Blueberry Muffins, & assorted cereals.
For Lunch, we had the option of either Ham Sandwiches or Tuna Sandwiches
And we ended the day with Thanksgiving Dinner!


Today was Volleyball Sunday! The All-Stars, CITs, JCs, & Senior Staff all met down at the volleyball courts and battled it out!

Night Rec


The Seniors watched We Bought a Zoo

The Juniors watched The Kid Who Would Be King