July 19th 2022

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at team sports the boys came down to the gym and played some knockout! From JV the winners were William Mitchell and Guy Bradley. From the hotshots the winner was Davis Hart
From Varsity the winner was Jimmy Hunter, and finally the winner from the rookies was Grayson Smith. The hotshots also played a 7 v. 7 game and the MVP was Linus Means. The winner of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was Grayson Smith!


Today at skiing there were some first time skiers and some boys that passed off classes.
William Baugh and Jack Strother passed off third and second class wakeboard
Hopper Akins and Benjamin Klecker were first time skiers!


Today at Riflery the girls came down and shot some high scores!
Sloane Grijalva - 36
Izzy Lackey - 32
Stella Marx - 32
Victoria Rizk - 34
Ryleigh Adams - 37
Louise Williams - 37
Parker Smith - 34, 37
Kate Broutin - 32
Evelyn Baird - 30
Ellie Gribbin - 34
Jayden Harvey - 31
Katie Overholtz - 33
Kate Mattei - 30

Fun and Games

Today at fun and games the boys went down to the bucking bull to see who could have the best yee haw and the longest rider competition.
The longest riders were Jonah Yates with 1 minute 23 seconds, Holloway Craft with 1 minute 13 seconds, and Richard Delaney with 1 minute 34 seconds. The winners of the best yee haws were Evan Summers, Drew Peele, and Cooper Bounds. The winner of the Ratta Tatta Hatta was Noah Caragianis.


Boy's Fishing

The boys went down to the Camp Mac fishing hole and caught some fish. Henry Swann caught two, and Evan Summers caught four.


Today at putt putt the boys had a dropout competition, and the winner was Finn Hayes!

League Games

On the shady, sweaty, sticky, hot court one Manu’s McNuggets bagged up Colin’s Kmart Shoppers in a clean sweep. From the McNuggets Bo Rambo played like a never seen before blueberry muffin, and from the shoppers Fred Carrington played like a 50% off coupon.

Patrick’ Stars continue their pursuit to the steaks game with their win over Cale’s Cabbage Patch Kids in volleyball. From the Stars, Ben Klecker put his blood, sweat, and tears into the game, and from the Cabbage Patch Kids Sam Prim played great.

On the uninfested field one, Pierces Minions utterly destroyed Jamie’s Blue Jays in a crazy game of kickball. From the Minions Henry Rotfield kicked like Christiano Renaldo, and from the Blue Jays Mac Smith played like a young Messi.

On the gnat infested, grassy, field, field 2, Jack’s Baconators beat Charles’ Pickles in an intensely interesting game of kickball. From the Baconators, Finn Hayes kicked extraordinarily well and from the pickles, Joseph Bernstein ran like a young Usain Bolt. 

Holt’s Hippos demolished the Camp Mac Cobras in an astoundingly fun game of bombardment. From the Cobras, Walters Alves played like the King Cobra himself, and from the Hippos Charlie Brinson played like a spectacularly amazing athlete. 

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast, we had sausage, eggs, grits, biscuits, and assorted cereals.  For lunch, we had chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, cookies, and the option of the salad bar. And to end the day, we had pork chops, mac and cheese, pinto beans, and rolls. 


Our speakers were Kate Broutin and Katie Overholtz.

Tonight for Night Rec...

The juniors had popcorn night and the seniors had 90s night!

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