July 16th 2022

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at team sports the boys came down and played some volleyball. During JV Keys’ House Keys and the Trash Pandas beat their opponents and the MVP was William Mitchell. During the hotshots the Chicken Strips won and the Bacon Ballers tied with the Future Prez. From Varsity Yates’ Junior Yetis beat Witt’s Whale and the MVP was Ryder O’Malley. Finally from the Rookies Fried Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup won, and Grayson Smith was the MVP. The winner of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was Robert Mallory!


Today at Boys swimming the boys competed in the stride jump competition and the Treading water competition. The winners of the stride jump competition were Patrick Howell, Charles Bounds, Michael Page, Kee Graham, Cooper Bounds, and Jimmy Hunter. The Winners of the treading water competition were Charles Bounds, and John Weiss.


Today at skiing the boys passed off some classes.
Lucas Osorio - 3rd Class skiing
Spencer Otto - First Time Skier
Jack Strother - 3rd class Skiing
Charlie Boiles - 3rd class skiing
Jackson Horsley - First Time Skier and 3rd class wakeboard
Rowan Falkson - 3rd class kneeboard
Henry Swann - First Time Skier
Thomas Weiss - 3rd Class Kneeboard


Riflery: Today at Riflery the girls passed off some targets and had some high scores!
Katie Kirkpatrick - Promarksman
Mary Carter Boreman - 32
Virginia Bell - 37
Bess Whitten - 31
Louise Williams - 30
Kate Broutin - 38
Jayden Harvey - 32

Fun and Games

Today the boys played some sprouts. The winner of the Ratta Tatta Hatta was Charlie Dowd.



Today at adventure the boys played some airsoft. The MVP was Fred Carrington!

Shooting Sports

Today at shooting sports the girls and the boys competed in the shootout! The winner from the boys was Benjamin Klecker, and the winner from the girls was Kate Mattei.

Girl's Fishing

Today at the Camp Mac Fishing hole the girls caught some fish. Addie Bradshaw caught 3 fish!

League Games

On the shady court one, the Camp Mac Cobras devoured Charles’ Pickles in a bombarstic game of Newcomb. From the Cobras Austin Maughan played scratchingly, and from the Pickles Roch Hill played super spectacularly amazing.

On Court 2, Pierces Minions splashed Holts hippos in an explosive game of newcomb. From the Minions, Will webber played astonishingly, and from the Hippos, Davis Hart launched the ball.

On Field One, Patrick’s Stars out shined Colin’s Crazy K Mart Shoppers. From the stars, Davis Kirkpatrick played out of this world. From the Kmart Shoppers Lyle Shehi played like the craziest K-Mart couponer

On the gnat infested field 2, Manu’s McNuggets cooked Cale’s Cabbage Patch in a nail biting game. From the McNuggets Liam Baker played like a large McDonalds Sprite. From the Cabbage Patch Lucas Osoario played like a well plucked cabbage. 

Today in the Camp Mac gym Jack’s Baconators seared Jamie’s Blue Jays in a sizzling game of bombardment. On the Baconators Damon Boils played as good as Camp Mac breakfast. From the Jays William Orrin played like a young Jackson Pipkin. 

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast, we had eggs, sausage, donuts, grits, and assorted cereal.  For lunch, we had Sloppy Joes with french fries, cookies, and the option of the salad bar.  And to end the day, we had pizza, wings, and ice cream. 


Tonight our speaker was Kate Wagner.

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had talent night!

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