July 15th 2022

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at team sports the girls played some kickball and softball. From JV Chad’s Crusty Musty Dusty pinkies beat the tennis shoes and the MVP was Britt Harris. In the hotshots the Extraordinary Acorns and Burnt Marshmallows won and the MVPs were Bailey Owens and Parker Smith. From Varsity, Certified gratified won and Kate Bakken was the MVP. From the Rookies Camp Mac Crushers and the Banana Peels won with the MVPs being Eliza Napoli and Sadie Louise Schramm.


Today at swimming the girls played some rat rabbit raccoon and did some Australian relays. The Winners of Rat, Rabbit, Raccoon were
Rookies: Stella O’Neal
Hotshots: Helen Anne Coale
JV: Marissa Smith
Varsity: Kate Bakken
During JV Brady and Yates’ Twinkle Toes beat Sarah’s Floral Friday, and During Varsity Sarah’s team beat Brady and Yates’ team.


Today at riflery the boys went to the range and shot some targets. Andrew Westerkom shot a 36. During the Wranglers group they had a shootout.
1st Charlie Dowd
2nd Richard Delaney
3rd Jack Strother
The Drovers had a tomato shootout!
1st Henry Swann
2nd Henry Raffield
3rd William Baugh

Fun and Games

Today the girls played some sprouts! The winner of the Ratta Tatta Hatta was Gigi Graham!



Today at adventure the boys and the girls went down to the rock climbing wall to see who could climb the most panels. From the boy’s elective Jimmy Hunter won with 10 panels and from the girl’s it was Jadeyn Harvey making it to the top twice.

Girl's Shooting Sports

Today at girls shooting sports the girls practiced their shooting.
Kinleigh Freeman 10/18
Kate Wagner 3/14
Meryl Dubroc 4/14
Addison Bell 6/14
Kate Matte 11/18
Morgan Horsley 5/14
Cadence Harvey 10/14
Lanier Alves 11/14
Ellie Gribbin 4/14
The girls who will be competing in the shootout are: Lanier Alves, Cadence Harvey, Kate Matte, and Kinleigh Freeman.

Girls Tennis

Today at tennis the girls finished their doubles tournament. The winners were Victoria Rizk and Katie Kirkpatrick. We also played Cricket in the Cage and Katie Kirkpatrick won!


Today at the dance elective the girls had a handstand competition! Ashley Windness won after holding a handstand for 31.9 Seconds!

Girl's Fishing

Today at girls fishing the girls caught a few fish. Sims Goodrich, Lilly Anderson, Parker Bristow, and Bess Whitten caught one fish. Bess Whitten also caught a turtle, and Cece Schramm caught two fish!

Boy's Fishing

Today at boys fishing the boys went down to the Camp Mac fishing hole and Lucas Winters caught one fish.

Boy's Shooting Sports

Boys Shooting Sports: Today at shooting sports the boys shot more clays!
Spencer Otto 12/22
Benjamin Clecker 9/14
Davis Kirkpatrick 14/22
Lucas Osorio 9/16
Whit Boatright 9/12
Warren Harper 9/16
The boys that will be competing in the shootout are: Whit Boatright, Davis Kirkpatrick, Spencer Otto, and Benjamin Klecker.

League Games

On the Sunny Court 1, Lizzie’s Little Ladies took the win against Sebelle’s snakes in a super close game of Newcomb. From the Little Ladies Charlotte Bell played like a young Alice Wilbanks and on the snakes Ann Frances played spectaculy spectacular.

Today on the sweat court 2 Mary Carters Croc wearing Crocodiles dominated Layla’s Lucky Leprechauns. From the Crocodiles Bea Wiggins Chomped the competition, and from the leprechauns Cadence Harvey played better than a young Layla Mince.

Today on the blinding field 1, Kassidy’s Krazy Kat Ladies obliterated AE’s Eliminators. From the Kat Ladies, Helen Anne Coale played purrfectly, and from the Eliminators, Abby Drew Smith ran like an olympian. 

On the intense field 2, Grace’s Goated Girlies played Mia’s Mighty Munchkins in a brilliant game of Kickball. From the Munchkins Louise Williams played like a beast, and from the Girlies, Parker Bristow played like a professional. 

In the steamy gym Inskeep on Winning won against MC’s Hammer Time. From the Hammer Times Lauren Carrington played like MC Hammer Himself. From the Inskeep Addi Webb played like a young Ana Warner. 

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast, we had eggs, bacon, grits, biscuts, and assorted cereals.  For lunch, we had Chicken Sandwich with potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and the option of the salad bar And to end the day, we had baked chicken, broccoli with cheese, corn nuggets, rolls, and cake for dessert. 


Tonight our speaker was Patrick Bingham, and our six day campers got their bible reading ribbons.

Tonight for Night Rec...

The Seniors had Rec Hall and the Juniors had courts!

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