July 16th 2021

Morning Activities

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games we went on over to the rock wall, and Jadeyn Harvey, and Sophie Broutin both made it to the top of the Rockwall!


Today at Upper Lake we had the girl's come out on the lake and pass off some classes! We had Marion Haskell, Lily Smith, Parker Smith, Louise Williams, Charlie Wilcox, Claire Newell, and Jadeyn Harvey all pass off 3rd class kneeboarding! Then Amelia Lacy passed off 2nd class kneeboarding! May Newman passed off 3rd, and 2nd class wakeboarding, while Ellison Mackay passed off 3rd class skiing! Meanwhile down at Lower Lake we had Lizzie Cummings pass 3rd class wakeboarding, and Kate Bakken pass off 2nd class kneeboarding!


Today at Swimming we played some Red Light, Green Light in the pool and Ashley Windness, Addison Bell, and Lila Aelker won!

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports we played some kickball! The MVPs of the day were Harper Maher, Anna Niland, Mia DeTroye, and Virginia Bell! Our Winna Winna of the Chicken Dinna was Lizzie Cummings!!


Shooting Sports

Today at Shooting Sports we shot to see who would compete in our end of the week shoot-off! Coming in 4th place hitting 6/20 targets is Ellison Mackay, next in 3rd place with 11/20 is Gracie Stokes. Moving up into 2nd place is Sebelle Cagle with 12/20, and in 1st we have Grace Ennis shooting 14/20!


Today at Tennis we played a couple different games! Here are our winners... For Cricket in the Cage, Harper Maher won. Katie Kirkpatrick won Queen of the Court, and Mary Carter Borman was our Queen of the day!


Today at Tramps Virginia Bell passed off 1st class, and Lily Smith passed off 2nd class!

League Games

On the sunny court 1, Lucy's Camp Mac Champions defeated the Starfish. From the Champions, Lillian Rizk played like an olympian, and from the Starfish, Bailey Owens played great!

On field 2, Alice's Allstars were demolished by Mattie's Mighty Maggots. From the Allstars, Gracie Stokes played awesomely, and from the Maggots, Mary Cates Freeman played exceptionally!

Today on the 1st Tennis Court, Kate's Cakes dominated the Mary Quack Attacks in a game of volleyball. For the Cakes, Addi Webb served like a beast, for the Quack Attack Emma McVea played awesome.

Today on the 2nd Volleyball Court, Ella's Extra Terrestrials dominated the Mamma Mia's in a tough game of Newcomb. From the Mamma Mia's, Emma McMurray was a dancing queen, and from the Terrestrials, Victoria Rizk played amazingly!

On the Soccer field, Inskeeping Up with the Kardashians couldn't keep up with Chloe's Roweboats. From the Roweboats Claire played great, and from the Kardashians, Helena Pryor did swell!

On the 2nd Tennis Court, Ana's World Champions lost to the Howdy Dowdies the Sequels. From the Champions, Kate Beevers served spectacularly, and from the Sequels, Stella Rees Dismukes outsmarted the competition.

On the mushy field 1, the "Get it Dunns" beat Layla's Leeches in an intense game of softball. From the Leeches, Kassity Eastman played great, and from the Dunns, Ella Stone played preciously.

In the Camp Mac Gym, EGP's Empanadas and EP's Peas in a Pod went head to head in a gruesome game of bombardment. From the Pea's Maggie Gribbin played great, and from the Empanadas, Stella Marx played great.

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had Sausage, Egg, Grits, and Oatmeal. For lunch, Chicken Sandwiches, and Chips. For dinner, Baked Chicken, Broccoli, Rolls, and Corn Nuggets.



Tonight our 6 day campers received their Daily Bible Reading ribbons and our message was given by Mitchell Gross.

Tonight for Night Rec

Juniors had Tacky Night!

Tonight for Night Rec

Seniors had Volleyball and Bombardment!