July 14th 2021

Morning Activities


Today at swimming we had a Stride Jump competition! Our winners were: Katie Kirkpatrick, Izzy Boehm, Lillian Rizk, Walker Searcy, Bea Wiggins, and Avery Pugh!


Today at Upper Lake Skiing we had a bunch of people pass off classes! Harper Wicking, Ellison Mackay, Kate Mattei, Stella Marx, and Brooklyn Jane Wallen all passed off 3rd class kneeboarding! Then we had Abigail Anderson pass off 3rd class wakeboarding, and finally we had Kinleigh Freeman become a first time skier!!!

Wilderness Skills

Today at Wilderness Skills the boys came up for cookout prep and tent day! We also had a tent pitching competition!

For the Wranglers the winners were Will Culpepper and Lyle Shehi with 31 seconds, for the Rough Riders the winners were Manu Porter and Spencer Otto with 30 seconds. For the Dudes the winners were Eric Windness and Liles Garrett with 31 seconds. Finally, the Experts had a tent pitching competition individually!

The winner with the fastest time was Jack Bakken in 37 seconds, and the best tent was made by Cale Smith!

Fun & Games

Today at Fun & Games the girls came down to learn how to play tetherball, and beegeball! Fun & Games also likes to give out a HUGE cowboy hat out to the person with the best attitude! The winner of the Ratta Tatta Cowboy Hatta was Emma Jane Neil!

Team Sports

Today the girls came down to the gym to play some bombardment! In our 1st period the Pink Wombats faced off against the Golden Girls! The Wombats landed on top 2-1. Our MVP was Mae Newman.

During the 2nd period, The Camp Mac Crushers faced off with the Camp Mac Champions. The camp Mac Crushers pulled out the win with 2 games to 1. The MVP was Hannah Webber.

Moving on to the 3rd period, we had Team Horseradish versus Team Sesame Oil. Team Sesame Oil won and Bea Wiggins was the MVP.

Finally in 4th period we had the Toenails face off with the Fingernails. The Fingernails won 2-1 and Parker Smith was the MVP!

And our Winna Winna Chicken Dinna was Kate Bakken!


Today at the dance elective we played some freeze dance where Stella Marx, Helena Pryor, Scarlett Hale, and Ashley Windness all won!


Today at the Camp Mac Fishing Hole, Weston Beevers, Jake Dugan, Chapman Soloman, and Wade Tait each caught 1 fish!


Today at Ada and Same's tennis academy Abe Tinney, and Liles Garrett won Alligator, and Murphy Freeman won Cricket in the Cage and a match 4-1.

League Games

Today on tennis court 1, the Howdy Dowdy the sequels crushed the starfish in a riveting game of Newcomb. From the starfish, Hannah Webber played like a young Katie Fish, and from the sequels Emma Jane Neil served like a superstar.

On the Steamy Field 2, Ep's Pea's in a pod were demolished by Inskeeping up with the Kardashians. From the Peas Julia Rae Hood was the prettiest pony and from the Kardashians Virgina Bell played like she was on the red carpet!

Today on the 2nd volleyball court Layla's Leeches smashed Mattie's Mighty Maggots in a buggy game of volleyball! For the Leeches, Bea Wiggins played great, and for the Maggots, Ann Everett Simon played awesome!

Today on the 2nd tennis court Ana's World Champions defeated Lucy's Camp Mac Champions in a nail biting game of Newcomb! For the Camp Mac Champs, Lainey Mayhall was the MVP, and for Ana's World Champs Leeland Adams played awesomely!

Today on field 1, EGP's Empanadas battled it out to the end with Chloe's Roweboats in an intense game of Kickball. The MVPs of the game were Mae Newman and Charlie Wilcox!

Today on the Camp Mac Soccer Field the Mamma Mia's sliced Kate's Cakes! From the Cakes Charlotte Bell played like a star, and from the Mamma Mia's Colette Haskell was fast like the flash!

Today in the Camp Mac Gym, Ella's Extra Terrestrials dominated the Mary Quack Attacks in a game of bombardment! From the Terrestrials Isabel Larson was out of the world, and from the Quack Attacks, Mattie Mitchell Quacked the competition.

On the 1st Volleyball court the, Get it Dunns got served by Alice's All Stars. On the Get It Dunns, Sophie Broutin played like a young Emily Dunn, and for the All Stars, Lauren Carrington played swell!

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had pancakes, sausage, eggs, and grits! For lunch, we had BBQ Sandwiches with tatertots and chocolate chip cookies! For dinner, we had Fried Fish, Pizza Sticks, Fries, and hush puppies! 



Tonight, Megan Sumrall, gave our message about learning to put differences aside to form friendships!

Tonight for Night Rec

The Juniors had Courts and the Seniors had College Night!!