July 13th 2021

Morning Activities


Today at swimming, we had a stride jump competition.

For the Rookies, the winners were Phillip Bove, Will Culpepper, and Greyson Caneer. For JV, the winner was Drew Prati. For Hotshots, Weston Beevers won. And for Varsity, Christopher Schmitz won.


Lower Lake:
Today at Lower Lake,
Jimmy Hunter passed off 2nd class skiing
Erik Windness passed off 1st class knee boarding
And Jackson Horsley was a first time knee boarder!

Upper Lake Skiing:
Today Riley Ross was our first time skiier!

Team Sports

Today at Team Sports we had our introduction day and played bombardment. For JV, Team "Frozen" won 2-1 over Team "Scooter". MVP from "Frozen" was Larson Chafin and from "Scooter" Roberts Law was the MVP.

For the Hotshots, The Camp Mac Snakes won 3-1 against the Indestructible Dodgers. From the Dodgers, the MVP was Henry Swann and from the Snakes Henry Schoenvogel was MVP.

For Varsity, the Unoses and the Veggietales tied 2-2. The MVP from the Unoses was Manu Porter and from the Veggietales, Cale Smith was MVP.
For the Rookies, the Camp Mac Cobras won 2-0 over the Tatertots. From the tots, Rowan Falson was MVP and from the Cobras Richard Kinney was MVP.

Finally, the winner of the Winna Winna Chicken Dinna is Henry Schoenvogel!!


Trail Carts

Today at Trail Carts we practiced our trail test and played the cone game. Mary Carter Culpepper won with 4 cones.

Shooting Sports

Gracie Stokes shot 4
Kinleigh Freeman shot 2
Ellison Mackay shot 1
Grace Ennis shot 7
Kassidy Eastman shot 4
Harper Wicking shot 4
Killian Delaney shot 2


Today at Tramps,
Virginia Bell passed off 3rd
Herrin Tate passed off 3rd
Sophia Ryals passed off 3rd
Lily Smith passed off 3rd
Ginny Ross passed off 3rd
Louise Williams passed off 3rd and 2nd class.
And May Newman passed off Expert!


Izzy Boem and Harper Maher won cricket in the cage, and Maggie Gribbin was the queen of the day.

League Games

Today on the sunny Coourt 1, the cranjis McBasketballs destroyed Evan's Cuties. From the McBasketballs, Cale Smith played like a young Giannias. From the Cuties, Larson Chaffin played swell.

Today on the heated court 2, Yates' Yeti's viscously attacked Ben's Bear's. Jack Bochan dominated the court like an abominable Snow man. On the Bears, Manu Porter played like a grizzly bear himself.

Today on the muddy Field 1, The Tots played Colin's Coconut Creams. From the Tots, Hank Stone played electice. From Colin's Coconut Creams, LaneAllen played like coconut water. In the end, The Tots fried the Coconuts.

Today in the gym, Jack's Black Jacks outplayed Pipkin's Pirates in a hard fought battle. On the Black Jacks, Evan Summers played quite amazingly, and Thomas Hagood with the pirates, played like gold.

Today on Court 3, Patrick's Pirates stole the treasure from Ethan's Crewmates in a game of newcomb. For the Pirates, Charlie Sanders played like gold treasure. For the Crewmates, Drew Peele played like a baller.

Today on the Sunny Field 2, Grayton's Tater Tots melted away at Christopher's Snowman. On the Tater Tots, Mac Schoenvogel played like a perfectly fried root vegetable while Davis Kirkpatrick, from the Snowmen, was a real cool ball of snow.

From the Dining Hall Today for breakfast, we had pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, and cereal. For lunch, we had BLTs with chips and a cookie. For dinner, we had spaghetti with garlic bread. 


Tonight Will Kell gave our vespers message.

Tonight for Night Rec

Juniors had courts!

Tonight for Night Rec..

Seniors had bombardment and volleyball!