July 13th 2022

Morning Activities

Team Sports

Today at team sports the girls played bombardment! During JV the Dawgs beat the Smurfs 2-1 with Bess Whitten being the MVP. During Hotshots the Yeet beat Yah 2-1, and Helen Ann Coale was the MVP. During Varsity the Swag Bags tied 1-1 against Milk. The MVP from Varsity was Bea Wiggins. Lastly, from the Rookies, the Anteaters beat the Chicken Nuggs 2-1, and the MVP was Madeleine Gamem. The Winner of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was Madeline Gamem.

Wilderness Skills

Today at Wilderness Skills the boys learned about campouts and the type of wood needed to build a fire. They had a Bestest Stickiest Picker Upper contest. From the Drovers Finn Yates won. From the Wranglers Richard Delaney won. From the Rough Riders Whitaker Boatwrite won, and finally from the dudes, Rey Hersh won.

Fun and Games

Today the girls came down to the ole Camp Mac gym and raced their way through the inflatable obstacle course. From the Hotshots, the Velociraptors devoured the Pineapple Pinatas. From Varsity the Slay-sters slayed Abi’s Awesome Acrobats. From the Rookies the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Chicks were too powerful for the 2 Powerfuls and the Powerfuls got flamed. From JV the Spicy Chickfilas and the aero dynamic Dragonflies were just too close in skill and tied. Todays Winner of the Ratta Tata Hatta is Hannah Webber!


Bucking Bull

The boys came down to the bucking bull and tried to see who could stay on the longest.
1st Place- Rex Hirsch 20.73 seconds
2nd Place- John Robert Kingston 19.37 seconds
3rd Place- Jackson Popham 18.53 seconds

Girl's Shooting Sports

Today at girls shooting sports the girls practiced shooting some clay shots.
Lainer Alves shot 9
Addison Bell shot 13
Meryl Duroc shot 2
Ellie Gribbin shot 12
Cadence Harvey shot 7
Morgan Horsley shot 8
Kate Mattei shot 1
Kate Wagner shot 5
Kinleigh Freeman shot 6

Boy's Shooting Sports

Today at Shooting sports the boys practice shooting. Davis Kirkpatrick shot 7
Benjamin Kleckor shot 18
Hopper Akins shot 9
Lucas Osorio shot 8
Spencer Otto shot 1
Whit Boatright shot 10
Warren Harper shot 8


Today at the dance elective the girls had a freeze dance competition. The winners were Ashley Windness and Cate Pryor!

Boy's Tennis

Today at tennis the boys went down to the courts and played some doubles. The winners of the doubles tournament were Doug Mills and George Sigman.

Advanced Powerboating

Today at advanced powerboating the girls practiced their docking maneuvers. Katie Overholtz won the secret game of "Best docking maneuvers".

Boy's Fishing

Today the boys went down to the Camp Mac fishing hole and caught some fish! John Mitchell caught two blue gills and Lucas Waters caught and kissed one spotted fish!

Boy's Tramps

Today the boys went to the tramps and passed off some classes. Clay Wilcox passed off 1st class!

Girl's Tennis

Today at tennis the girls went down to the courts and played a few games. Lauren Carrington and Katie Kirkpatrick won a game of Cricket in the Cage!

League Games

Today “Layla’s Lucky Leprechauns” were not so lucky and “Inskeep on Winning” struck gold. From the Leprechauns, Claire Newell played like a young AE. From the “Inskeep on Winning”, Avery Pugh played like a stud.

On a shady court 2, MC’s Hammer Times obliterated Mary Carter’s croc wearing crocodiles. From the hammer times, Ellie Gribbin played like a young Brady Meadows. And from the croc wearing crocodiles, Katie Kirkpatrick played like a young Wesley Fry.

Today on Field 1, Lizzie’s Little Ladies dominated AE’s Eliminators in an intense game of kick ball. From the Ladies, Bess Whiten played intensely. From the Eliminators, Parker Latham played like a star.

Today in the good ole Camp Mac Gym, Grace’s Goated Girlies squashed Sebelle’s Snakes in an insane game of Bombardment. From the Girlies, Britt Harris played astronomically. From the Snakes, Vivi Craft played fantastically fabulous. Today on the sunny filed 2, Mia’s Mighty Munchkins beat Kassidy’s Crazy Cat Ladies. From the Munchkins, Bailey Owens ate up the competition. From the Crazy Cat Ladies, Lily Smith scratched up the competition.

From the Dining Hall For Breakfast, we had eggs, bacon, oatmeal, biscuits, and assorted cereals.  For lunch, we had Barbecue sandwiches with tater tots and cookies with the option of a salad.  And to end the day, we had catfish with french fries, taco sticks, and chocolate pudding for desert. 


Bea Wiggins gave our message tonight.

Tonight for Night Rec...

The Seniors had college night and the juniors had Cabin Competition!

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