May 31st 2024

Morning Activities


Today at Swimming, we had a funny dive competition! The winner from first period was Caroline Parks, with an honorable mention for Sims Coleman. During second period our winners were Emma Evans, and Emmy Barron. In 3rd period Emily Brigman won, and Cella Perullo received an honorable mention! Finally in 4th period Rowan Pierce won and Catherine Dunn was given an honorable mention!

Team Sports

Today the girls came down to Sports and played some topple ball. In first period Eleanor’s Extravagant Elephants crushed Amelia’s Awesome Apples in a nail-biting game. The MVP was Elizabeth Anne Kinney. In 2nd period Miller’s Macaroni and cheeses demolished Hadley’s Heroic Hashbrowns. The MVP was Leighton McBrearty. In 3rd period Mary Brook’s Mighty Munchkins defeated Emerson’s Chicken Nuggets in an intense game. The MVP was Sadie Denson. In 4th period Lauren’s Legit Lions squished Maddie’s Minions. The MVP was Andi Turnipseed.

The winner of the “winna winna chicken dinna” was Carly Finger.

Fun and Games

Today at Fun and Games, the girls came over to the Bucking Bull to see who could stay on the longest! Leighton McBrearty dominated in 1st period staying on for 3 minutes and 3 seconds. During 2nd period Brooklyn Helms stayed on for 2 minutes and 6 seconds. In 3rd period Hannah Meadows stayed on for 52 seconds! Finally in 4th period Sadie Denson stayed on for 1 minute and 21 seconds!

The winner of the “ratta tatta, ratta tatta, win a big ole cowboy hatta” was Scarlet Figueroa


Today at horseback the boys had a rope joust competition and the winners were Aaron Ashbaker, Atticus Crawford, Louis Puffer, Maxwell Pouncey, Henry Millhouse, Charlie Puffer, Cain Finger, and Leo Ealy!



G1 Came over to the trampolines and Cella Perullo won the high-jump competition!

League Games

Today on the sunny court 1, Hadley’s Hotdog Squad swept Miller’s Mighty Munchkins in a crazy game of Newcomb! From the Hotdog Squad, Annie Kate Beville played majestically, and from the Mighty Munchkins Liv Slide played like she was “Runnin’ on Dunkin’”

On the Shady Court 2, Eleanor’s Eagles played against Emerson’s M&Ms in a super close game of Newcomb. The Eagle’s flew to victory! From the M&Ms, Elizabeth Anne Kinney played awesome! From the Eagles, Hollis Janecky played like the biggest bird in the nest!

Today on the gnat infested field 1, Lauren’s Loving Llamas flipped their way to victory against, Amelia’s Amazing Acrobats. From the acrobats Caroline Coffman played swiftly. From the llamas, Millie Dubroc played Spinningly!

Today on the sweaty field 2, Maddie’s Monsters scared there way to the win against Mary Brook’s Mighty Minion. From the Minions, Merin Povall played awesome! From the Monsters, Maddi Swartz played scarily!

From the Dining Hall For breakfast we had Sausage, Pancakes, Eggs, Biscuits, Grits, Yogurt Cups and Cereal. For lunch we had Chicken Sandwiches, Pickles, Potato Chips, Salad, PB&Js, and Cookies. For Dinner we had Sweet & Sour Pork Loin, Fried Rice, Rolls, Salad, and PB&Js, and for dessert we had cake!

Tonight for Night Rec...

We had Courts!